A Different View of Grandpa Kennedy’s Barn #WW

Welcome Kittens & Dawgs, last week I shared Grandpa Kennedy’s Barn with you and since that’s sort fresh in your memory then I thought we’d take another peek from a different view. I took this photo the same weekend visit, as the first view I posted last Wednesday.

The next three photo-art projects I used the same apps as in my previous post. First image creation is a product of Distressed FX with these options “Wren”, “Patina”, and the bird overlay “Soulmates”.

The below photo-art creation is a Brushstroke production using “Washed W2” and Paper sytle “Vintage”. I don’t believe I made any other adjustments. What I like about this image is it reminds me so much of the watercolor images the artist did for my children’s book, The Tale of Ole Green Eyes. In fact, this is the barn she replicated in my story. If you’re curious, you can see an example of it here.

Lastly, I photo-played with Waterlogue using nearly identical setting as last week’s Waterlogue image (Preset Style: Luminous, Format: #10, Paint lightness: Medium). These are my brief notation of my changes but Waterlogue retains the changes in the file and when I upload it then it shows in the caption part, so this time I left it so you can see precisely the steps I used.

Waterlogue 1.3.1 (72) Preset Style = Luminous Format = 8″ (Large) Format Margin = None
Format Border = Straight Drawing = #2 Pencil Drawing Weight = Medium Drawing Detail = Medium Paint = High Contrast Paint Lightness = Medium Paint Intensity = Less Water = Cherenkov Blue Water Edges = Medium Water Bleed = Average Brush = Fine Detail
Brush Focus = Everything Brush Spacing = Wide Paper = Watercolor Paper Texture = Medium
Paper Shading = Light Options Faces = Enhance Faces

Having various photo-editing softwares give me a broader range of flexibility to express myself creatively. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun! The these photo-projects make me eager to see autumn’s glory again. There isn’t much action around town but soon we’ll see the change in our area. How about where you live, has autumn’s splendor arrived?


I’m messaging my posts tenderly to find the right way to bring together daily memes in one spot. Joyce hosts the mid-week Q&A session, Wednesday Hodgepodge and I’m delighted to play along again. Here are my responses.


1. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your sense of direction? 1=can’t find my way out of a paper bag and 10=if I’ve been somewhere once I can find it blindfolded ten years later.

My sense of direction and navigation scales have greatly improved over the years. I think I’ve always been able to find my to a place I knew by heart but any place else then forget it. I didn’t know how to read a map when I got married. It was a bunch of lines on a piece of paper. I couldn’t tell you which way I was going or what direction I needed to go. DH taught me how to read a map and I became the official navigator. This didn’t happen overnight. It actually took years before I grew confident with reading and plotting our course but I kept at it got darn good at it.

When was the last time you looked at/used a map you could hold in your hand? (phones don’t count!)

Actually, I had to pull out a road map not long ago, maybe June or July. We were in an area where we didn’t have cell service and our GPS was having issues. We keep state road maps in our car because we never know when we might need one!

Choose one of these directional expressions (back east, down south, out west, up north ) and tell us why you chose it.

Down south. I think I picked this because that’s the general direction of where we live. We’re not deep south but still south of where we grew up.


2. Did you do more talking or listening yesterday? Is that typical? Describe your yesterday in one word.

Listen. During the day, DH is at work and I’m alone. I believe when he got home yesterday, I did more listening but I can’t swear to that. This isn’t generally typical as far as the afternoon hours go which I’d say is about 50-50 but while he’s away then all is quiet here unless you consider some days I talk to myself but then that means I’m listening to myself. πŸ™‚ Yesterday in one word. Quiet.


3. Time, money, water-power-resources, opportunity…which one on the list is you most guilty of wasting? What might you do to change that?

Time. Simple, stop blogging and stay off the Internet but sadly I’m addicted and there’s no hope for change. Maybe, I just don’t want to change. πŸ™‚


4. Did your family take regular vacations when you were a kid? Tell us something you remember about a family road trip from your own childhood.

No, my family did not take regular vacations. There was no extra money in our home. The only road trip we took was to visit my mom’s sister just outside of Williamsburg, Virginia. I was 13 years old. The only thing I recall from the trip is that is was long, hot, and cramped. I think I slept most of the way, though.


5. If you could grow anything you wanted, what would you grow? Why?

Money. Yes, definitely money. Do I need to explain? lol There are a lot of things I’d like to do not only for us but for those we love. Money can’t buy happiness but it does make life a little easier. πŸ™‚


6. Insert your own random thought here.

One of my guilty pleasures other than being on the computer is sketching. This is something I discovered this past spring that I can kinda do. I did the April A-Z challenge and submitted a daily sketch. After the challenge I kept it up, not as aggressively but still dabble in it from time to time. I drew this tree while waiting for DH at one of his follow-up appointments over the summer.

What I need to do is draw an autumn scene but am limited on time…remember my guilty pleasures for blogging? Yep, I can’t do everything I want in a day’s time.


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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. Pixelmator is my photo-editing software of choice and these others are fun cool apps I use on occasions with my iPad/iPhone. I have not been compensated in expressing my opinion or use of these products. I’m just telling you as one friend to another, so if you buy these or even click on the link then I won’t make one red cent. This is just one friend telling another.













25 thoughts on “A Different View of Grandpa Kennedy’s Barn #WW

  1. JaniceTrinh

    Those are some cool edits. My fave is the one you said looked like from a children’s book. 😍

    P.S. Thank you for stopping by my blog and linking up. Hope to see you again next week!

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author


      I like that one a lot, as it bears a striking resemblance to the artist’s watercolor illustration of Grandpa’s barn for my children’s book. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the return visit and I’ll do my best to see you next week but I might be a bit preoccupied mid-week with important matters. TTFN!

  2. XmasDolly

    Hey Girlfriend, Today was another one of my lazy days. I didn’t feel like doing anything, but I said to my self… “Self, get with the program”, and then I stuck my tongue out at myself and started to crochet for a while. Being as Dave is without a job right now I have to crochet my butt off for Christmas presents. So I’m taking a break and looking at your Grandpa’s farm house I wish I was in it. Something like this is on my bucket list. I want to find an old abandon house/barn and just see it and look around maybe find something that would just talk to me and say I was clean and alive when… I have always loved your drawings… like the ABC travel we took remember and you drew something for each letter. Loved it! BIG HUGS & have a great week! HUGS

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author


      I was unaware that Dave is out of work again. I’m sorry to hear that news! I will certainly keep y’all in prayer. I know how difficult it is to be without a job. Grandpa’s barn is a beauty. I always thought it would make a great house but it that would tons of money to convert into suitable living quarters. I’m glad you enjoyed my newest sketch. The April A-Z challenge really inspired and encouraged my artistic side. I need to make more time to doodle but I just want it to come to me as the mood rises. Have a good evening, my friend!

  3. messymimi

    That barn is all that a barn should be, at least to me.

    You are right that being online is often a time suck but i’m not planning to stop!

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author


      Simple barns are the prettiest ones. πŸ™‚ Yeah, I’m not planning on ditching my love for blogging and other things cyber relate because I enjoy it too much. I have a wonderful community of friends in Blogosphere and I don’t want to give them up EVER! πŸ˜‰

  4. ascendingbutterfly

    Your own work of art, that’s pretty neat! What photo editing software are you using? Photoshop? Thanks for hosting the link up, and happy wordless wednesday to all. πŸ™‚

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  5. Thomas Anderson

    Hi, Cathy!

    It always amazes me what you are able to do with your tools (apps/special software). You’re right. It is fun and fulfilling to express yourself creatively and you certainly have the knack. That goes for these wonderful tweaked images of Grandpa Kennedy’s barn as well as your sketches.

    The first image of the barn is my favorite and I was hoping to be able to click and enlarge it and use it as my desktop background. However I was unable to make it any larger. It’s one of the best autumn compositions i have ever seen! The second image of the barn does look like a watercolor rendering and, because it is somewhat washed out, it also reminds me of a fading memory. Do you see what I mean?

    Your Q & A’s bring back many memories of my childhood. My parents were the worst when it came to following directions on a map or even following verbal directions. I remember one Sunday drive we took out through the countryside – the rural areas of York County, PA. Of course, we got lost. My mother, the backseat driver, nagged and nagged my dad about being careful to keep track of the turns he made, etc. Anyhow, after driving mile after mile and not encountering another living soul, we finally came to a farmer standing by the roadside. My dad swallowed his pride, pulled up next to the man and asked if he knows the way to York, Pennsylvania. The farmer laughed and said “Are you kidding? The York city limits are two miles down this road!” Then the farmer asked, “Are you folks from out of state?” My dad sheepishly replied, “No, we’re from York.” πŸ™‚

    I must be the milkman’s biological son πŸ™‚ because I have always been blessed with a good sense of direction. With GPS it is hard for younger people to imagine what it was like to fumble with a creased and wrinkled paper map. At night we needed to shine a flashlight on it to follow directions. Mrs. S #1 and I always ordered a “trip ticket” from AAA to find our way from York down to Myrtle Beach, SC for our annual vacation.

    Your tree and swing sketch is superb, Cathy, and brings back fond childhood memories. I love the vertical lines and the sweeping canopy of leaves. Of course, I also appreciated your latest pinup offering. Have you ever considered trying your hand at pinup art? I think you would be excellent at it!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Cathy!

  6. Birgit

    First love the photo itself because it just brings a sense of calmness and past memories of simpler times. All 3 images you created are great but I love the moodiness of the first. I love maps and used to β€œstudy” them. I’m very good with directions and once found a place just from memory as I had not been there in 22 years. I use a map quite frequently and I also always say Up North since I live in the Niagara Region so everything is up north unless someone is going to the States. Yesterday I listened because I got my first infusion to calm the nerve endings with the pain I deal with. It has taken the edge off for sure but was I stoned!..hahahaaa.

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author


      We did a few family vacations with our children, too. It’s so darn expensive! But, we did take tons of day trips to the mountains and that’s kinda like a mini-vacation. Anytime you break from your routine to enjoy some R&R then it feels like a vacation, right? Who says vacations HAVE to be expensive when there’s a lot to do near by!!

  7. stevebethere

    Love the photo and I like the edited ones especially the second one, I don’t get to se eanything like this where I am too densely populated heheh!

    Have a tanfastic week Cathy & thanks for flossing by πŸ™‚


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