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#AprilA2Z Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “A” + #BoTB

Hello, y’all! I’m delighted you joined me. Let me being by saying if you ever land on my homepage, then you’ll notice in my side menu a list of my recent blog posts and you’ll easily spot the A2Z entries because I’ve included the hashtag at the beginning of the post title like today’s followed with the daily alphabet prompt.

Okay now that’s out-of-the-way, let me say, I am not an artist. What I mean is I did not study art other than two years in high school. I do not teach art.  In fact, I have done very little art sketches since 1980. I like to doodle. I have some artist ability.  Ever since I started blogging I’ve glimpsed at other people’s work. Sometimes people will share their poetry with their doodling and others have art journals where they get really creative.  I always felt inspired to do this but never got around to doing it and that’s where the April A to Z challenge comes in.  I decided it’s time to stop putting this off and get started, so that’s when the challenge theme was born to try my hand at art sketching through the alphabet.

For the “A” alphabet prompt, I decided to drawn an angel because I believe angels are all around us, heavenly and earthly angels.

This is my first sketch.

I titled this sketch, “Weeping Angel” Why does she weep? She weeps for the pure of heart, whose love is unconditional and their good intentions scorned by vexed words and no gratitude for the love extended.

I did two others many days later (see below) but the above sketch is my favorite. Here are the other two.

Warrior Angel

I used online images to model my angels after. Sometimes sites offered step-by-step instructions and other times I just saw a picture to go by.

Reflective Angel

**All art sketched in Mead Academie Sketch Diary with Tombow H, 3B, & 6B high-quality charcoal pencils**

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to share more than one sketch per day but I’m just drawing whatever I want as the mood moves me. I plan to draw more angels after the challenge and at which time I will share my newest sketches with you.

Hopefully, what I share every day will encourage you to do something that interests you that you put off for a long time. Maybe you feel like I did (notice past tense), that you can’t do it. My advice is, just do it because you’ll surprise yourself at what you CAN do! 🙂

I play with a group of mewsic junkies twice a month in Battle of the Bands which happens to coincide today and I invite you to weigh in with your vote. There’s not wrong way here, except if you don’t vote. *smile* Normally, I pick two artists singing the same cover song then I ask for you to pick your favorite but today I’m picking two different songs with two different artists to match my alphabet theme – Angels.




Which “Angel” song did you like best?


You can leave your answer in comments and if you feel like it, you can tell me why you liked your pick the best! Next Saturday, I’ll share the results of this showdown! If you like the idea of BoTB, then I encourage you to check with Stephen who manages the BoTB participation list on his site for more cool battles!

How many times have you participated in the A-Z Challenge? Are you a fun doodler or serious artist? Any suggestions to offer a novice? What inspirational “A” subject(s) should I sketch next?

Now, I’m heading off to link up with other fellow AtoZers and you’re invited to come along.  On the weekends I unplug from the Internet to spend time with DH but I will respond to comments and do return visits ASAP. Thanks for including me in your day and I’ll see you on Monday for the next installment of Art Sketching through the Alphabet!