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Some One I Miss + #TuesdayTunesation with @EddiReader

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Good morning, kittens & dawgs! Last week, The Sound of One Hand Typing, introduced to me to Eddi Reader covering Gene Pitney’s Town Without Pity.  Reader’s sultry style won me over in John’s battle! But, if you’re still listening to the above playlist, then you’ll understand why I like Eddi. Her quiet, almost reverent tone in some of her mewsic arrangements keep my ear pinned to the speakers while I continue composing this post. Allow me if you don’t mind to share a few more Eddi Reader discoveries with you.


Eddi is a Scottish singer/songwriter with a talent for pop, folk, and jazz pieces.  In the mid-to-late 80s, she played with the British band, Fairground Attractions, performing a folk-style, soft rock mewsic before launching a solo career. Reader is the receiver of three Brit Awards topping both the album and single charts.



I’m joining Les from Ink Interrupted for Tuesday Coffee Chat this week and this morning’s prompt:  Someone you miss?

There are many someones I miss who have passed from this life to the next but I know I’ll see my grandparents, brother, mother-in-law, other kin, and friends someday.

The someone I miss is more than a person but a sense. I miss the simple innocence of my children’s youth which is forever gone. There’s something magical in looking back when my children were small. It seemed in those days their whole world revolved around me.  I was the center of their universe. Every morning, they’d greet me with sweet little faces with outstretched arms, warm cheery smiles and a twinkle in their eyes. I was a superhero to them. I chased away the monsters under the bed or hiding in corners. I kissed boo-boos, wiped away tears, and told them everything would be alright. I’d hold their hands, squeeze them tight, and tuck them in at night.  I read them stories, chased them in the yard, and we drew chalk artwork on the driveway. I fixed their meals, washed their tiny hands, kept their clothes clean, and toys put away each day.  Just as quick as night turns into day, so did their childhood vanishing away. I’m left with an empty spot in my heart, remembering a time way back then that seems like only yesterday.

DD#2, DS, DD#1, Summer 1994. This is from an old print, I scanned to the computer and then processed it with Pixelmator improving its quality. If you’re old enough then you know that cameras once used film to capture images.

*reach for Kleenex* Okay, that’s a wrap for this morning. Here’s one last song I’d like to share with you.


One more thing before I dash off. Although, I know he’ll never see this I just wanted to recognize someone very dear to me.  Today is my FIL’s 94th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Austin! May the Lord continue to keep you in His care! We love you!!

Austin in his high school cap and gown. IHS class of 1939

I’m hopping over to Stacy’s for Random Tuesday Thoughts and you’re welcome to join me if you want. I hope you’ll join me at midnight and link up with my mid-week meme not-so Wordless Wednesday.


Have a terrific Tuesday!