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Redneck Christmas #humor + SWF, Fill-ins, & CTST

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Hello, Kittens & Dawgs!  For the first time in a loooong time I can say, Thank God it’s Friday!   Whoo-hoo! Yes, this is the first full week for DH to be at his new job.  Now the weekends have a new meaning for me once again.  Let’s get the show on the road with a few giggles.  Let’s kick the weekend off with a bit of Redneck Christmas humor.






After DD#2 moved out, she told me about her best friend’s tradition of burning his Christmas tree. Up until that time I’d never heard of such a custom.  I reckon some consider it to a reckneck thing, as it came up in my search. Enjoy!


Believe it or not, burning your Christmas tree isn’t a redneck thingy but actually has a spiritual origin, which you can read about it here.   Also, you might wanna read The Night Before a Redneck Christmas just for laughs.

Next, I’m sharing with my weekly SWF contribution!


Last week, I shared a phenomenal Christmasy night shot of The Wheel at The Island in Pigeon Forge,  Tennessee.  On the same day, I took that photo we were in Bryson City, North Carolina earlier and I captured a beautiful blue sky over the Swain County Heritage Museum.



1FFBadgeLet’s continue the fun with Friendly Fill-Ins with Annie and Ellen.   How does it work?  Every Thursday four fun and easy blank statements are posted for us to borrow, complete, and share on our site.  The point is to simply have fun linking, reading, and meeting others who enjoy this sort of thing.


Here’s my response to this week’s fill-ins:

1. My favorite Christmas Song(s) is/are just about everyone, so how can I name a single one, but I could do without hearing anything remotely by Miley Cyrus ever again.

2.My most meaningful Christmas ornament/decoration is naturally my Fontanini Nativity scene because it reminds us during the holiday season of our Savior’s lowly birth and the reason He came to this world.

3. My favourite holiday treat is nearly everything because I enjoy baking cookies and cakes or making homemade candies at Christmas.  It’s hard to say one’s my favorite but if you force me to pick then I’d say my Chocolate Covered Cherries. 

4. A holiday tradition in my house is to go see the lights around town and/or in the Smoky Mountain communities like Dillsboro, North Carolina.   There’s something magical about seeing festive colorful lights.


Beginning next week,  I am off from blogging until after January 1st.  I’ve scheduled my regular posts but anything requiring special attention such as the Friendly Fill-ins segment I plan to not include.  I’ll be back and may you have a joyful Christmas celebration! 😉


I’m joining Lexa in Celebrate The Small Things. Here’s my list of celebrations!

I’m celebratingDH’s first week on his new job.  Yay!  It’s wonderful to resume a normal routine again and I see the delight on DH’s face each morning as he headed off to work.  We’re not just celebrating but count our blessings every single day for God’s goodness.  Another thing I’m celebrating is I finished that DIY project I mentioned in one of blog posts.  I can’t say what it is at the moment because it’s actually a surprise for someone and I never know when that said person, may read my blog.  However, I will share more after the new year.

What are you celebrating?

See what others are celebrating this week below and if you want to join the linky, then visit Lexa!


Let’s begin celebrating with Friendship Friday and Friday Features linky parties where you’re sure to make new friends and get lots of inspiration!

That’s a wrap for now, but if you like music then I invite you to come back for Saturday Songsuasion. Until next time, have a fototastic weekend!