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October song #BOTB showdown

Did you notice the calendar flipped over again, kittens and dawgs? I will not have a Saturday Songsuasion edition but I will next week. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any mewsic today. No, no, no. It’s October 1st which means, it’s time for a new BoTB. That being said, in this first battle, I’m going against the grain. Instead of using two artists covering the same song I’m using a song title of two songs that has different lyrics and artists.  It’s up to you to vote on  your favorite song in October song #BoTB showdown!

Nominated for Best Alternative Music Album in 2011, self-titled Broken Bells debuted album (US peak position 2), at the 53rd Grammy Award. One of the singles to release from this album is today’s song title battle, October. I don’t think it charted but I really dig the sound. Give a listen to song #1!


Broken Bells “October” song lyrics

One of this American rock band’s earliest recordings and outtakes from 1998 is today’s song title, October, written by Evanescence band members: Amy Lee, Ben Moody, and Will Boyd. The song has a bit of controversy with fans who seem to think it has a “gospel” reference with the line, “I fall into your abounding grace” even though there is no mention of Jesus Christ or Lord in the song. The rumor is, although not confirmed the song was written Amy’s younger sister who died. Knowing these things about this song sort of helps me to not think of it as just a “dark” song. Please listen to song #2!

Evanescence “October” song lyrics

It’s interesting, these songs are not about the month October or autumn or the change of seasons and yet they are nice songs in their own right. Ok, here’s the drill. Voting is open to everyone visiting. There is NO wrong vote, except if you DON’T vote. You can start by telling me in comments which artist October song you like best and why (optional).

Who gets your vote, Broken Bells or Evanescence?

The fun continues with more epic battles underway and I invite you to visit, Stephen (at the top of the list), if you’d like to know how this works and/or ask how to join all this madness fun!

Tell your friends to come by to get in on the action. The more the merrier!?

I am taking a blog hiatus beginning October 1st -17th but I do have my routine weekly posts scheduled. I will link with a few regulars, do return visits, and respond to comments. It’ll be sorta like I’m not away from Blogosphere.

Thanks for joining the fun. I’ll leave you with one last “October” song (not included in battle) to feature this week’s Saturday Songsuasion artist and for your enjoyment. This is Curious as a Cathy signing off, have a bandtastic day and please boogie back over for Not-so-Wordless Wednesday! ?








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  • Jeffrey Scott

    Interestingly enough, I used an Evanescence song for my battle this time.
    However, I had two others for the battle.
    These are both interesting songs, and the first one did get my attention. But I will have to go with Evanescence.

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Jeffrey, that’s really cool we used Evanescence for this round! What are the odds of something unplanned happening like this again? Great minds think alike,right? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and voting for Evanescence!

  • greyzoned/angelsbark

    Great way to kick off October Cathy! I like both songs and both are new to me (both bands too). I really enjoyed Broken Bells song. I liked it’s upbeat sound. Please give my vote to them.

    Very clever battle. Well done!
    Have a great week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Michele, it’s interesting a few folks aren’t familiar with Evanescences. The only reason I know of them is because my daughters liked the band as teens. I always thought they were so depressing. Broken Bell is a nice find. I enjoyed them, too. I have your vote recorded for them. Thanks for voting!

  • D-FensDogG

    CATHY ~
    Color me “Utterly Shocked” to be voting for EVANESCENCE. This is the first time I’ve heard that singer that I didn’t think she sounded evil as hell. I have always had a very visceral negative reaction to her voice, but this time she sounded entirely different.

    The Evanescence recording went on too long, in my opinion, but I actually liked it and didn’t even need to sprinkle my computer with Holy Water afterwards. Now THAT’S a first for Evanescence and I.

    ~ D’plorable D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Stephen, yes I agree Evanescence’s lead singer, Amy Lee sounded different in this song compared to most she’s done. I’m glad you didn’t have to sprinkle your computer and speakers with holy water. lol You crack me up!! I have you down for Evanescence. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Mary, so far I’m not enjoying my hiatus because I’m too darn busy with things blog repairs, computer cleanup, house chores, …. Phew, I’m so tired! Anywho, I’m glad you stopped by to vote. It’s interesting how you think you’re going to vote only to have your mind changed. That’s happened to me a number of times, too. Thanks for voting for Broken Bells!

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Tonja, I’m glad it was a bit tough for you. Both bands and songs are good. The race is close with a tiny lead for one. Thanks for voting for Broken Bells even though it was by a coin toss. lol

  • Janie Junebug

    You’ve given me a difficult decision, Cathy. I like both very much. Evanescence’s singer has a great vocal quality, but I think I like Broken Bells’ upbeat alternative sound even better. I vote for Broken Bells.


    • Cathy Kennedy

      Janie, I hope you’re riding out the hurricanes okay or you have found a safe haven away from Florida. It’s always good to hear when I make things a bit difficult for my voters. I gotcha down for BB but ya know I won’t be sad if one wins over the other because both are great.

  • Robin

    Kinda surprising myself here, because I thought I’d vote for Evanescence. Generally I give the edge to the folks who wrote the song. But I really liked the unknown Bell Guys better than I thought I would. Who knew? So, chalk one for Broken Bells.

  • Thomas Anderson

    Hi, Cathy!

    Happy October to you, dear friend! Seems like only yesterday when I was wishing you a happy new year 2016.

    I enjoyed both of these songs entitled “October.” The first act, the indie rock band Broken Bells, gave us a recording with a spacey, psychedelic, experimental, alternative rock sound that I liked a lot. Three years ago I featured your second act, Amy Lee and her American gothic metal band Evanescence, in my Halloween post Beauties and the Beasts:

    As a lover of heavy metal thunder, I was at first disappointed to hear Evanescence unplugged on this one. However as I continued listening to the 6+ minute length song it got under my skin. I appreciated Amy’s pure voice, the acoustic guitar work and the dark, sad, moody melancholy nature of the song. The enchanting artwork used in the video could not be ignored and had an impact on me as well. It all added up to a recorded work that fits the season and touched my soul.

    I vote for Amy Lee and Evanescence!

    I also enjoyed listening to Eric Whitacre’s soothing instrumental “October.”

    Thank you, dear friend Cathy, and have a great weekend!

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Tom, thank you for your link. I will try my best to get over to read it. This has been such a crazy week with doing this and that with no time to relax. I’m pooped. Anywho, I’m glad you stopped in to vote for Evanescence. Generally, this group is a bit of downer if I listen to them much. That dark music isn’t my forte. This song is an exception, though. Have a good weekend and I will try to scoot over to see you soon!

  • Arlee Bird

    Hmm–this is kind of tough as I like both options for different reasons. Never heard of Broken Bells but it’s a sound I like. Evanescence I know and have enjoyed their music.

    Between these I think I’ll go with Broken Bells. They kind of give me a vibe of 80’s band does Neil Young imitating Duran Duran or something like that. It’s a cool song. Nice choices.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Lee, Broken Bells does have a cool vibe! It’s such a delight to find new groups with a nice a nice sound such as this band. I haven’t listen to other music by them, but hope to do that in the coming days. Thanks for voting!

💕I love comments! Have a purrfect day & thanks for stopping by!💕