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Hello, kittens and dawgs! Inspired by last week edition for today’s post, I learned Blondie wrote the James Bond theme song, For Your Eyes Only, (the producer rejected their song and went with another version) which led me to find out Whatever happened to Sheena Easton?

I’m not sure at what point I lost track of Sheena Easton. Her career seemed at full steam in the 80s, but I think it was in the 90s that I didn’t hear her music so much on the radio. Part of this is I can blame on being a young, busy mom but there’s gotta be more to the picture.

The last time the six-time Grammy nominee charted in the US was in 1991 with her album (#90) and title song (#40).


I don’t remember this song. Interestingly, in 1993, Easton’s highly reviewed and praised jazz album never charted; I can’t figure out why unless her listeners by this time had fallen away.  All I can say is after listening to it for the first time is superb nailing that classic jazz flavor with her album No Strings (available now on iTunes for $5.99). Listen.


Sheena Easton’s last domestic pop album release in the USA was 1995. The tracks from this album gave me some of the same vibes from her earlier pop sensations. Enjoy the sounds from My Cherie (available now on iTunes for $5.99)!


The mid-90s, Sheena Easton continued as a singer, but broaden career and got into acting. In the animated children’s movie, All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, Sheena contributed to the soundtrack and was the character voice of Sasha La Fleur.



Aside the voice over acting, Easton appeared in a couple of episodes in a TV Canadian TV series, The Outer Limits (season 2) and performed in couple Broadway productions. Around this time she adopted two children a boy and a girl.

In the new century, Sheena Easton attempted a comeback in the UK with a  disco flavor throwback style album, Fabulous. The first single from the album, “Giving Up, Giving In” reached 54 on the charts in the UK (the album hit 185). In Japan Fabulous released in 2001 and the first single to chart was Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.

Easton’s music catalog has seen a few reissues. Currently, she’s involved with other guest vocalists performing in the United States “The Spy who Loved Me” symphony concert tour. These concerts consist of songs from popular spy movies (past and present) including 007 flicks.

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Thank you for joining me in my discovery of Whatever happened to Sheena Easton. Please tell your friends!

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8 thoughts on “Sheena Easton

  1. Rorybore

    I always got her and Sheila E mixed up. It’s interesting to see how some performers fall out of sight… but then you find that they are still doing the thing they love; just on a smaller scale. I wonder if that is happier and more satisfying in the long run — then when they are big time famous and all that goes with that??

  2. Birgit

    I can’t watch the Jazz one here so I will venture off to YouTube to see if I can find it. I always liked her and remember her at the Oscars and the bad way they showcased her segment…I still giggle

  3. Thomas Anderson

    Hi, Cathy!

    True to my word I am here to find out whatever happened to… Sheena Easton. It was a delightful surprise to sample some of Sheena’s later career recordings. She’s still got it! I think “What Comes Naturally” falls into the category of “freestyle,” a form of electronic dance music that was very popular from the late 80s through early 90s. Sheena’s recording is a fine example of the genre. I was very pleased to hear Sheena’s jazz styling on the standard “Someone To Watch Over Me.” She brings to mind Bernadette Peters. Sheena’s voice is great as it ever was on the next song, “My Cherie.” which I thoroughly enjoyed. I followed the link to Sheena’s disco revival recording “Giving Up, Giving In” and it too is terrific. My ears are especially receptive to that style because I am currently listening to and loving dance music derived from classic disco.

    I got a real education tonight, dear friend Cathy. Thank you for giving us this entertaining update on that modern girl… Sheena Easton!

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author

      Tom, Sheena’s dance style is awesome stuff, but I especially enjoyed the jazz album. She has a voice to carry that style very well. I guess at the time of its release there just wasn’t enough people dialed into it or they were just expecting her usual types of songs. Whatever the reason, I think her jazz album needs a come back for those who appreciate the sound.

      1. Patrick Weseman

        True story, I was in my first attempt in college and was the music director of the campus station. BatDance was climbing the charts (It went to number one) but liked The Arms of Orion better and put it in the rotation.

        1. Cathy Kennedy Post author

          Patrick, well that’s cool! lol Isn’t it funny how you might like a song better that’s not charting? Thanks for sharing your favorite because I hadn’t heard it before now. 😉


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