Wordless Wednesday

Photo-editing with flowers and mountains

Good-morning, Kittens & Dawgs! Today I’m using some of my least favorite photos in Pixelmator to see what new things I come up with. I hope you enjoy my creations on not-so Wordless Wednesday!

Black Eyed Susies Highlands NC DSC_4725
I love Black Eyed Susans! These are some of my favorite wildflowers. I snapped this picture in Highlands, North Carolina last summer.
BES AllSeasons DSC_4725
Using the original photo above I added a freebie watercolor background from the DGS AllSeason Bonus collection from Creative Market. It sorta gives an over-all dreamy sense to the picture.
DSC_4972 originial
On our ascension to Clingmans Dome tower, I captured a bee lighting on the flower. It’s not really an outstanding shot, but I kept it anyway.
I opened the original to work on, this is something I knew I wanted to do from the start, and applied the fog filter giving the viewer a sense of mystery and perhaps terror. Maybe, an angry, hungry bear awaits its prey in the shroud of fogginess. Do you feel it?


This is a shot from Clingmans Dome parking lot. It’s just an ordinary image, but one with potential to photo-edit.
DSC_5001 newspaper white
In Pixelmator I applied the newspaper effect adjusting the intensity and ratios.


DSC_5001 Twilight effect
This  is the Twilight effect. Again, I varied the intensity to suit my taste.

I’m just a regular ole gal who likes to goof off with photo-editing on occasion to create something new. Who knows maybe it’ll inspire someone else to do great things. Let me know!

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  • molly

    I love black-eyed susans as well – and experimenting with various filters and presets 🙂

    Skywatch Friday sounds like a fun meme. I will have to check it out

  • JM Illinois U.S.A.

    I like to goof around with photographs. I usually post an image that I played with on Thinking Outside the Box on my blog on Mondays. Sometimes it is in camera, sometimes it is done in Picasa. Enjoyed looking at your photos because you showed how it originally looked and then showed us how it looks after you played. Neato blog!
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  • jMo

    Don’t think I’ve ever used Pixelmator, but I’m digging your use of filters. I especially like the way you used the newspaper effect.

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Jeanna, thanks! Pixelmator I think is supposed to be the answer for Photoshop for Mac users, I think. Anywho, it’s a nice program. I’m glad you liked the photo-editing and filter effects. 🙂

  • Birgit

    I think the pictures you enhanced look great and love the last 2 because it gives a sense of impending doom in some way. it would go great with a vampire book

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Birgit, Oh goody! You sensed exactly what I wanted the viewer to experience. Definitely would make a great vampire book jacket or thriller about a man-eating bear. That gives me shivers just thinking about it because that’s something that could happen, bear (not vampires) attacks.

  • edshunnybunny

    I loved your photos and what you did with them. Did you like Clingman’s Dome? I visited there MANY years ago, and still remember the climb to get up there.

    • Cathy Kennedy

      We love Clingmans Dome! The Smoky’s are a short drive for us and if we aren’t there then you’ll find us on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We love to escape to the mountains for a day of relaxation! In fact, we were there in the wee hours this morning trying to see the Presides Meteor showers. Unfortunately, the upper elevations was socked in my fog and low clouds. We wound up going back down the mountains toward Gatlinburg and found a break in the clouds. It didn’t last long. The good news is, I did see on shooting star! Oh well, it was an exciting adventure all the same.!

  • Rorybore

    I love having the photo edit options for those shots that maybe just need a little bit of help to become extra special. It’s great to think outside the box as to how you want the photo to be viewed; subtle changes, or completely altering the tone and feel. I LOVE the fog effect! It really does lend a sense of mystery and almost apprehension to the setting. The twilight one is really nice too.

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Les, Yeah I knew you like dabbling with photo-editing just about as much as me. You get really creative with your images, which I totally dig. I’m glad you liked the added fogginess. Although it’s not a lot, I think it made the right difference to the picture. The Twilight effect is really cool. I loved how moody it made the final image turn out! Thanks for popping in for a visit, my friend1

  • Noah Weiss

    Maybe my eyes aren’t very discerning, but I’m having a hard time seeing the difference in the second photo’s modification. I do like both effects on the third original, though!

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Noah, the second photo-edit is very subtle. The effect made the picture softer giving it more of a foggier feel to it. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the difference. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. 🙂

  • stevebethere

    I like the black eyed Susans photo too I like their name too heheh!

    I admire the work you done on each photo Cathy subtle changes and not in your face effects well done 🙂

    Have an editedtastic week 🙂

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Steve, subtle changes are usually more inline with what I like in photo-editing. I don’t get too wild with my creations generally, but I do admire what others can put together by thinking outside the realistic realm. Thanks for popping in for a visit!

  • Suzanne Gunter McClendon

    The flower photos are beautiful, but I especially love the two edits on the mountain scenes. The first of the two foggy edits is my favorite. It is wonderful!

    I love to play with my photos, too (and yours!). I have editing apps on my phone, but I also have Adobe Photoshop CS4 on my computer. It is hopelessly dated, but still is fun to play with. I have a set of Topaz filters to use in CS4 as well as various actions. I have lots of fun playing with the photos and have made some really funky abstract art with them. It can be a real trash to treasure moment sometimes. While David was in the hospital, I took a picture of the contents of the trash can in his room and took it beyond recognition as trash. It ended up looking like a tattoo on skin to me, not at all like bandages and food wrappers and other assorted ick. 🙂

    Thanks for having Not-So-Wordless Wednesday available for us “Chatty Cathy” photographers to have fun! Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one. haha

    Have a blessed day!

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Suzanne, I’m delighted you joined in again. It’s good to share these things with a fellow blog buddy who enjoys it as much as I do. One thing I hope to do is make myself follow some tutorials to improve my photo-art craft. Some blog buddies are quite good doing this sort of thing, so I have room for improvement. I’m glad you like the not-so WW link up. I’m definitely a Chatty Cathy and this is perfect for anyone who falls in the same category. lol

      • Suzanne Gunter McClendon

        Thank you, Cathy. 🙂

        I know that I have lots of room for improvement with my photography and definitely with the editing. With my declining vision and shaky hands, I don’t bother to hope to be great anymore. At this point, I’m settling for having fun with it. If someone else likes it, too, then that is even better.

        There are lots of great tutorials out there online and off. One of the best magazines that I used to get, and I’m not sure it is still in print anymore, was AfterCapture. It has awesome tutorials and is where I learned to do the pastel that I did of the big tree at Brazos Bend State Park in a blog post awhile back.
        As you work through the tutorials that you find, please be sure to make posts about them. I like to learn knew things, too.
        David is better at being “not-so-wordless” than me, but I do have my moments. I usually find those moments in someone else’s comment box. haha

        • Cathy Kennedy

          Suzanne, just having fun with what you love doing is the best approach. That’s the way I look at photography and photo-editing. I don’t think I’ll be great at either, but as long as I’m having fun then that’s all that really matters to me. I will definitely create posts following my tutorial creations when and if I finally follow through with my plans. The not-so Wordless Wednesday works for those who like to share more than photos as well as those who want to keep a lid on things. So, tell David he’s always welcome to contribute whatever he feels like sharing!

    • Cathy Kennedy

      You’re a sweetie, Kisma! Yes, simple ~ very simple simple adjustments. That’s about all I can do on my own, but I’m considering taking a look at some tutorials to see what new stuff I can do to create more spectacular projects. 🙂

  • Thomas Anderson

    Hi, Cathy!

    This is a great hobby for you, dear friend. I can sense the satisfaction when you tinker with pictures you’ve taken, creating new images open to different interpretation. I like how you brightened up your Black Eyed Susans and added a dreary, mysterious, spooky atmosphere to the other two pictures.

    Happy (Not-so) Wordless Wednesday, dear friend Cathy!

💕I love comments! Have a purrfect day & thanks for stopping by!💕