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King Kong Lives in Tennessee

I’m delighted you decided to join me for another edition of Not-So-Wordless Wednesday!

You’re not having déjà vu, kittens and dawgs. I shared a similar picture in 2013, here. At the time I took this picture, I was recovering from intestinal surgery and not up to handling my big girl camera (Nikon D7000) and decided to go light-weight with my Canon Elph S110 point n’ shoot instead. It does a fabulous job.

WW 8-3-2016 King Kong Pigeon Forge IMG_0150

This is a really cool image and I thought it would fun to monkey around (pun intended) with it in Pixelmator.

WW 8-3-2016 King Kong PF artsy effect saturation down IMG_0150

In the above image I decreased the saturation to nearly B&W leaving a hint of color in the stars and with the below image I bumped the saturation level all the way up giving it a near comic strip appeal.

WW 8-3-2016 King Kong Pigeon Forge - artsy effect saturation IMG_0150

I think I prefer the second picture creation. It seems more interesting than the first. Do you like one more than the other?

When you think King Kong, you think Fay Wray? I do as well as the classic 1933 production. Since the first King Kong film was made, others followed. In fact in 1986 the movie King Kong Lives was partially filmed near Knoxville. I tried to get on as an extra. I remember going early on a Saturday morning with a former co-worker, Connie Ramsey, along with hundreds of locals sharing the same hopes of being picked. I was not one of the lucky ones. I didn’t know the name of the movie at the time or who the stars were, or filming location until now. This is what I found out. Linda Hamilton starred in the movie (to see the full cast, visit IMDb) and scenes filmed in these Tennessee communities: Fall Creek Falls State Park, Wears Valley and Sevier County, and Lake City (this is a YouTube film clip).

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  • XmasDolly

    Hi ya Girlfriend~ Love this for sure. I would love to go see Hollywood’s Wax Museum for sure. Those kind of places totally fascinate me. I went to a Ripley’s believe it or not in Florida and it was the bomb for sure! If you’re ever there stop by there it’s a gas! ~hehehe~

  • Rorybore

    Ha – what a fun photo! I like the comic style version too. The colours are amazing.
    Did you see the new trailer for the newest Kong movie? It looks quite intense. And has Tom Hiddleston, so there’s that! ha.

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Les, This is a fun picture to play with and I want to go back to Pigeon Forge to shoot this again with my big girl camera. I may get a few other fun attractions, too. No, I haven’t seen the newest King Kong trailer. Wait a minute, maybe. I dunno. I will definitely double check this out, though. Thanks for popping in. I’ll be by to see you soon! 😉

  • Suzanne Gunter McClendon

    I like both edits as well as the original. I am a big fan o B&W, but the hyper-saturated edit has merit, too. I’m wondering what it would look like if you layered the two. May I play with them, pretty please? 🙂

    Have a beautiful, happy day, Cathy!

  • Thomas Anderson

    Hi, Cathy!

    Happy Not-So-Wordless Wednesday to you! I favor the black & white image you created because it reminds me of the original b&w King Kong movie of the 30s. I also enjoyed the remakes with Jessica Lange and Naomi Watts. That was a cool clip of the film sequence of King Kong Lives shot in Lake City, TN. It would be rather depressing to watch that movie now because the giant ape climbs and falls from the World Trade Center towers. Whenever I see those buildings used in movies and TV shows, and there are quite a few of them, I cringe and get the blues.

    The area of Florida in which I live has been used as a shooting location for many films including Edward Scissorhands,Spring Breakers, Magic Mike, Cop & 1/2 starring Burt Reynolds, Ron Howard’s Cocoon, Dawn of the Dead, China Moon and Adam Sandler’s The Waterboy,

    Thank you, dear friend Cathy!

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Howdy Tom! I remember the remake with Jessica Lange and I like it, too. There’s something kinda innocent about a big ape falling in love with a pretty girl. I agree with you it made me sad when King Kong fell to his death from the Empire State Building. That was so sad. ? I remember the movies you mentioned. I, especially liked the movie Cocoon. Have a good day, my friend and thanks for stopping by!

      • Thomas Anderson

        Hi, dear friend!

        What I was saying is that, according to the synopsis of King Kong Lives on IMDB, the ape climbs and falls from the twin towers of the World Trade Center, site of the 9-11 terror attacks. That’s the reason why I cringe and get the blues.

        Thank you, dear Cathy!

        • Cathy Kennedy

          Tom, oh, I understand now. I think my brain was racing like a NASCAR when I was reading your comment. It does that sometimes. DH says I need to lead how to bridle all that power. Lol Every time I see an old NYC skyline with the Twin Towers it makes my heart heavy, too. America needs to NEVER forget and remember when they vote in November which candidate stands strong on keeping this country safe from radical Islamists and all terrorists. I want to see America great again! ??

  • Nita

    Happy Wednesday! What a fun photo. Typically I wouldn’t think to pop the saturation up so high, but you are right it does give it a great comic book appeal. That said I am going to go with the second photo as my favorite edit.

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Nita, I normally don’t think about cranking the saturation up, either. I just thought, “How will this look?” and I liked the results. 🙂 Thanks for stopping in to play along. Have a fototastic week!

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