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Home Sweet Home #BOTB results

I’m thankful 365 days. However, November always brings into focus how richly blessed I am; it always humbles me. I can’t explain this sense, but I think you feel the same after receiving words of gratitude expressed by a few. One comment in particularly stirred my heart and I want to re-post it.

Birgit shared…Don’t we all think about our dream home when we often don’t realize our dream home is the home we have. We think of things and big rooms, cathedral ceilings, Jacuzzi’s, open floor plan, big windows etc…. and yet we fail to recall how wonderful it is to have a roof over our head. We forget the wonderful memories of events and celebrations and laughter and even tears. Our home is where we make it. Some people have their “dream” home and are so unhappy. My mom’s first home, after she escaped from East Germany into West Germany, was a bombed out home. She lived in the basement part which was held up by a chair holding the beam up. I think her heat came from a wood stove. There was no insulation since the building was bombed out but she still put a table-cloth on a table she found and she had flowers on a window-box.

There aren’t many of us, if any, who experienced living in the kind of conditions Birgit’s mother did after the war. This reminded me that a home is what you make it; the state it is in isn’t as important as the love found within its confines.

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I am blessed to have y’all take part in Home Sweet Home BoTB showdown on the first. This was a tight race; up until the other day Underwood and Moore tied in the polls. I was afraid I would have to be the tie breaker, but the tide changed and one artist victoriously took the lead without my help. I wound up giving my vote Justin Moore for many of the same reasons given in comments and the slight vocal twang didn’t scare me off; in fact I thought it added a nice flavor to his cover.

The final outcome….

Carrie Underwood 12

Justin Moore 10

I hope to see you Kittens and Dawgs back on the 15th for round two of November Battle of the Bands. This is Curious as a Cathy signing off with….

(Temporary Home lyrics)

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It’s time to get out on the dance floor with the Monday’s Music Moves Me crew!



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  • Rorybore

    That was a close one!! I just found out that Carrie Underwood is coming to Ottawa – which isn’t far from me, and I think I’d really like to see her. It’s right around my birthday too. 🙂

  • Guilie Castillo

    This must’ve been an awesome battle… I’m so sorry to have missed it. Thanks for stopping by Quiet Laughter earlier and voting on mine… Now that I’m back in good-internet-land, I’ll be posting results soon.

    Too right on the home issue, Cathy. The dream “home” is more often a dream “house”—nothing wrong with having one, or striving to make that dream a reality… But we need to remember that a home is not a house (to quote Edie Brickell—hey! good candidate for a BoTB! no, no, I got dibs, sorry).

  • Thomas Anderson

    Hi, Cathy! Birgit has left equally insightful comments on SDMM. She is a wise, opinionated and articulate women and an asset to the blogging community.

    I am pleased to know that your ears matched mine in this contest. I would not characterize Justin Moore’s vocals as twangy. He rocked the country and had the endorsement of the Crue, a very exciting song and video. Congratulations on executing a well balanced race!

    Thank you, dear friend Cathy!

  • Stephen T. McCarthy

    Nice, competitive Battle, CATHY! Good job!
    See ya on the 15th, eh?

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

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