Superstition #BOTB showdown

It’s mid-October and you know what that means, kittens and dawgs, don’t cha? It’s time for round 2 of Battle of the Bands.

I decided to go with a theme for this battle and with Halloween at the end of the month, then I elected to use Stevie Wonder’s 1973, not included in the showdown, hit song Superstition.

Introducing contender #1, a new-to-me British Blue band, The Hoax. What surprised me to learn is this group has been around 20 years and I’m just now hearing them.  What’s with that? Oh, well…here they are doing Stevie Wonder’s #1 tune, Superstition.


Contender # 2, is another new-to-me artist. This America R&B jazz singer/song writer’s unique vocals style steps Wonder’s song pace down a notch bringing something different to this cover. Kindly listen to Macy Gray!


Alrighty, boys and girls, you know what to do. Tell me in comments who gets your vote and why. There’s no wrong pick other than the one you don’t make. So have fun!

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Don’t forget, the polls close midnight of October 21st and I’ll share the results of this competition a week from today, so mark your calendar and stop by to see if your pick gets named! Thanks for joining in on the fun. This is Curious as a Cathy signing off with a bonus cover, for your entertainment only, I thought was worth sharing.

Are you superstitious? What’s the weirdest superstition you know? Have a bandtastic day!





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22 thoughts on “Superstition #BOTB showdown

  1. Mike Spain

    I liked both versions and they were very different! The Hoax brought the funk which I enjoy. However, music to me is more about feel. Macy brought more feel to the song and she gets my vote. I look forward to the results and your next battle.

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author

      Mike, yep both versions are different. It’s good to see Macy getting a few more votes. At first I thought it was going to be a run away for The Hoax. Most people, including myself prefer the funkiness of their sound who are closer to Wonder’s original. Thanks for voting. I have you down for Macy. Have tunetastic day!

  2. hollihd

    Hi Cathy, I do like the funkiness that The Hoax has but I also appreciate the ballad version from Macy. I like both bands and I have a Macy Gray album from way back then. In the spirit of Halloween like others, my vote goes to Macy.

  3. Guilie Castillo

    Looks like I’m in the minority… Macy Gray for me, please. Maybe it’s just that I’m not a huge fan of the original (I know, I know, I should have my ears—probably my head, too—examined), and The Hoax pretty much stayed on track with Stevie’s… Although that funk rhythm in there was pure magic. It’s not that I dislike their version so much as the fact that Macy’s turned it into something unique, and very hers. (Plus, I love Macy. Yes, yes I do.)

    Cool battle, Cathy! And GREAT song choice for the season 🙂
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author

      Guilie, yes you’re very much in the minority this go around. I’m totally blown away how the numbers are going. I really didn’t see this heavy swing to one side. Oh well, I gotcha down for Macy Gray, dear and thanks for your vote!

  4. dolorah

    Ha, I’ve heard both, and listened to them before too. Both these (and Adam) were very good. I really like The Hoax though. That slow sound I can only appreciate sometimes.

    I’m superstitious about bridges. Don’t know why, but I’ll go out of my way not to go under a bridge sometimes, especially at night. This weird, out of the blue paranoia takes over sometimes and I just stop and go around. Or go home.

  5. dcrelief

    Cathy – I’m not crazy about either version, but in the tradition of Halloween weirdness, rattles, ghosts, and bobbing for apples – I’m voting Macy Gray! Hopefully I’ll only hear her sing this ONCE a year! Ha!

  6. Rorybore

    Oh tough one!! I like the kinda haunting sound of Macy’s voice on her version. And it’s very different from the original. but overall, maybe a bit too slow tempo for me. The Hoax is a bit closer to the original sound, and I LOVE that funky touch they add to it — so they get my vote this week.
    I am Irish. We can be very superstitious at times. I have a Shamrock plant in the house and lavender in my garden. And I never put my shoes on the table or hat on the bed. And always always eat the green M&Ms!! ha

  7. Jeffrey Scott

    Macy Gray and I have a love hate relationship. Some of her songs I really love. Others not so much. This was one of the not so much songs. Really didn’t like her version. The Hoax was a good rendition so give my vote to them.

  8. Far Away Eyes

    The version by the Hoax was pretty good, but that technica sound running through it started to annoy me, maybe it’s the headache I have this morning. Macy was pretty slow, but it added a creepiness to the song and for this Halloween Season. I’m going with that. Give my vote to Macy and her case of the sloooows.

    Good BATTLE. They each were very different. I really like the bonus cover and would have voted for that over the two choices. And YES, I’m terribly superstitious, to a fault. Must be some gypsy blood in there.

  9. Robin

    Two very different versions here. I’ve heard Macy Gray before, but The Hoax was new to me. I thought I’d like Macy Gray… but no. Tooooo slow! The Hoax is far better in my humble opinion.

  10. Birgit

    I prefer The Hoax because it was like an Homage to Stevie Wonder’s style but yet they made it their own. Macy Gray’s style I found a bit annoying actually. So The Hoax is for me. By the way, I could finally download pictures and place them on my blog. I have been inspired to create some cards from one of the song choices from the BOTB and I picked yours from the last time(Falling Leaves). I hope you will check it out and I hope you like it. I think I picked your’s from even the time before that also! The first card is based on Vivaldi’s Autumn and the 2nd was is Falling Leaves. Anyhoo hope you don’t mind.

  11. Debbie D.

    Interesting battle, Cathy! The Hoax had my foot tapping and put a smile on my face. Macy’s version was unique, but her voice is a turn-off. Please put me down for The Hoax.

  12. John Holton

    The Hoax’s version was like a mashup of Stevie Wonder’s and Beck, Bogert, and Appice’s and had me bouncing around with the music. Macy Gray’s was just annoying. The Hoax for me.

  13. greyzoned/angelsbark

    I love Stevie Wonder’s song! GREAT song. And for that reason, I’m voting for The Hoax. They kept to the original energy. Macy Gray’s voice is nice but her version is just too slow for me. I really enjoyed The Hoax version. It’s funky.
    Good battle!
    Michele at Angels Bark

  14. Stephen T. McCarthy

    This is one of my very, very favorite Stevie Wonder songs ever. Love it!!!

    THE HOAX did a pretty good version of it, retaining that funky rhythm. I would never dream of exchanging Stevie’s original for that, but it’s a pretty good take on an authentic classic.

    Macy Gray was just too slow and abandoned all the funk. I kept waiting for her to pick it up and shift into overdrive but… she never did.

    No contest. THE HOAX all the way.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author

      Stephen, this is one of my Stevie Wonder favorites, too. I have to agree with you, I’d never want to sweep the original away for a substitute version, but The Hoax does a nice job and I over all prefer their cover to Gray’s. As you put it, this may be a “no contest” showdown, but Macy’s uniqueness might steal some of the votes. Thanks for stopping by and voting for The Hoax. Now off to see what you’re sharing with us!

  15. Arlee Bird

    Nice pairing. Over the years I’ve gotten kind of tired of hearing Wonder’s recording of this song. It’s good I’ll admit, but just heard it a lot. These two versions were a refreshing change and both very good.

    The Hoax is new to me. I’m familiar with Macy Gray–I think I have one of her albums in fact.

    Gray’s version is very hypnotically hip and fascinating. I really like this, but I might have to grow on me.

    The Hoax keep the essential feel of the original while adding a very cool funk rock vibe.

    I like Gray, but for now I prefer The Hoax.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author

      Lee, I never grow tired of hearing Stevie Wonder sing this song. So, happy to pair two artists with covers that you enjoyed listening to. I wanted to like Macy’s version, but like you it lacked the funk and I just couldn’t get into the slower pace cut. It could grow on me, but not before this competition is done. Thanks for dropping by. Gotcha down for The Hoax! I’ll be by your place soon.


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