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#WW Purple Coneflowers

Good-day, kittens & dawgs! Summer is quickly fading and although I’m anxiously looking forward to the colors of autumn and temperature change I’m not ready to say good-bye to this season. I bet you aren’t either.

At the end of July, one of our day trips took us to Blowing Rock, North Carolina. I was ecstatic to find the streets lined with gorgeous summer blooms, like these purple coneflowers. DSC_4767
Our odd spring left me disappointed in the picture-taking department. The flowers came and went too fast and I often discovered by the weekend the petals withered or eaten.


I bet you can imagine my joy to see these stunning beauties on a beautiful sunny day! Where there are flowers in bloom, then chances are good one will spot a little buzzing friend and I did! Do you see him in the above photo? The exposure is a little too dark, but look closely and you’ll see him.


I really wish I had my 105mm macro lens to capture this image, but the photo turned out nicely using my 18mm-105mm telephoto lens. I had to switch to manual focus to do it justice.

Just a reminder, I’m doing one week off and one week on with my mid-week photo posts till life settles down. There is no change in DH’s job status. We certainly appreciate all thoughts and prayers on our behalf.Β  The good vibes are felt.

Although, daily post notices aren’t going out, assuming getting them by email, it doesn’t mean I’m not around. I pop in and out, replying to comments and visiting those who link up or comment. So, please let yourself be known! πŸ˜‰

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What’s blooming with you?

Words to live by!

Have a fototastic day!

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