#BOTB results of duel between stars

Howdy, kittens and dawgs! First up, let me say thanks for making my August 1st BOTB so much fun. I have to admit when I decided on the two artists to use I was a bit hesitant. I guess my insecurities of whether or not my challenge would be liked or not played on my brain, but I felt goofy and thought why not? After all, it’s my post and battle showdown. So I decided to just breathe in and have fun with it.

I was happy to see my silly duel between stars fared well among my fellow BoTBers. Why, I even managed to make some smile and others laugh-out-loud.

Without further ado, it gives me delight to say….William Shatner’s over-the-top, cheesy cover won 10 to 5!


To round things out, I invite you to listen to another dramatic cover done by Shatner (skip to 0:53).


Don’t forget to come back for round two of August BoTB on the 15th.Β  The world is a bit better because of music, so keep playing those songs!

11 thoughts on “#BOTB results of duel between stars

  1. Shady Del Knight

    Hi, dear Cathy! I’m surprised Shatner pulled off such a convincing win. Apparently most people were like me. They got the giggles listening to Shatner and decided he’s so bad he’s great. Now that I’ve seen and heard his interpretation of “Rocket Man” I think it just might be the definitive version. Move over Elton John! πŸ™‚

    My Banned Battle results will be posted tomorrow and I hope you can attend the awards ceremony. Thank you for a very entertaining BOTB and follow-up, dear friend Cathy!


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