Battle of the Bands

#BOTB double post with duel between stars

Hello, rock n’ roll kittens & dawgs!  Technically, I’m still on break. I goofed up last month by not posting the results of  the Mr. Bojangles #BOTB showdown with the onset of DH getting laid off (this is what created the disruption to my blogging ~ a pleasant, but unexpected routine buster all the same) for the umpteenth time over the course of our 36 years of marriage.

Anywho, if you weren’t keeping a count and I seriously doubt that any of you did not mentally take note of the tally for both contenders, but on the off-chance you are clueless (my normal state of mind) then let me say Nina Simone shot Nancy Wilson out of the ballpark with a 15 to 2 victory.

Most of y’all felt, and I agree, that a female vocalist didn’t suit the song, but I wanted to do something different because…well, I’m different. 😀 However, it seems no matter which two artists/band I choose to dual the vote count is usually lopsided.

Today battle I’m using an oldie from the 60s, Mr. Tambourine Man. It’s hard to beat the The Byrds 1965 cover of Bob Dylan’s original. So….I’m taking a fun approach.  I found two artists who are better known as movie stars performing this classic tune. After you listen, then share in comments who gets your vote and why.





Who gets your vote Kevin Costner, the more serious singer style or William Shatner, the more dramatic cheesy version? Both have their pluses and minuses. In a weird sorta of way, I kinda like Shatner’s form, but I haven’t totally decided who gets my vote yet.

I’m still on my blog break, but plan to pop in from time-to-time. Meanwhile join me for more epic battle showdowns and to learn how this all works by visiting STMcCP.

Music humor2
Have a bandtastic day!

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  • Guilie Castillo

    This was hilarious! Yes, the Shatner version is silly and made me giggle (actually cracked up there at the end) and is hugely entertaining, and Costner’s is way too long, but — well, someone above said it best: at least he tried singing it. (Come on, it’s not half bad.) So my vote goes to Kevin. I did bookmark the Shatner video in my YouTube, though. For, you know, when I needs pickin’ up 😀

    Great battle, Cathy! And thanks for the hop over at Quiet Laughter , too.

  • greyzoned/angelsbark

    Well, one thing for sure: Kevin Costner can’t sing! It was hard to get through his singing. But Shatner’s was goofy funny. I guess my vote is with the mighty Capt. Kirk! Fun battle Cathy!
    Michele at Angels Bark

  • John Holton

    I didn’t like Costner’s choppy vocals and it was definitely way too long, but at least he tried singing it, and didn’t have a bad voice. Shatner, you could tell he was doing it for a laugh. Costner.

    • Cathy Kennedy

      John, thanks for voicing your thoughts and voting. It seems Costner is gaining more votes. I’m not sure who is ahead in the polls. It’ll be interesting to see who wins this one.

  • Janie Junebug

    I vote for Kevin Costner. I knew he sang, but he’s even better than I thought he was. Shatner? It’s a joke, and it’s funny, but I want to vote for a song. Besides, William Shatner kind of gives me the creeps. He always has. I think I’m the first person to vote for Costner. I hate a shutout, especially when the one doing the shutting out is William Shatner. However, I think your battle is a good one, and I enjoyed it.


  • Jeffrey Scott

    A 10 minute version of Costner going on and on did not win my vote. The William Shatner version made me cringe, but then I saw the screencaps and it made me laugh out loud.
    I….vote…. for……..Shatner!

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Cherdo, I think you’re the second person to vote for Costner. Honestly, I thought he would get more, but everyone is favoring Shatner. Of course, I liked him almost instantly after listening to his corny over-the-top cover just because of it’s silliness. lol I got ya down for Costner. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Far Away Eyes

    Hey Cathy, glad to see you made it to BOTB.

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope things will be back on track very soon. I’ve said a little prayer for you to that very end this morning.

    Your last BATTLE and it’s outcome was no surprise to me. Nina did that one well and she’s a favorite of mine.

    As for this BATTLE; what a delightful bit of entertainment? Well, at least some of it is. It’s a perfect example of what ‘star power’ does for some people. Some of them use their name and fame to venture into a field where they are ‘going where no start should go just because he could’. I’m looking at your Mr. Costner. Mr. Shatner on the other hand never fails to ENTERTAIN. Give that cheeseball who can’t keep his shirt on my vote. That would be Captain Kirk/William Shatner,.

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Fae, thank you for the prayers. That means so much to us. I was somewhat surprised how the voting went in my last BOTB. It seems most didn’t care for the breathiness of Nancy Wilson, but I rather liked it. Oh well…it takes different strokes for different folks. Shatner is taking the this battle by storm it seems. I didn’t know how this one would play out, but it’s fun! Thanks for voting for the big cheeseball!

  • Debbie D.

    Glad you made it back for BOTB, Cathy and thanks for the results from last time.
    Kevin Costner sings worse than Dylan himself! LOL William Shatner’s version was pure camp and made me laugh out loud. so. put me down for Capt, Kirk!

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Debbie, Costner is okay, I reckon. Listening to this cut isn’t going to make me wanna run out to buy any of his music and Dylan’s original lacked a little something. No one does it quite like The Byrds, though. But, then again that’s the version I grew up listening to. Sometimes campy is good and it sure is nice to laugh. I have ya down for Shatner. Thanks for voting!

  • Arlee Bird

    Both versions were way too long, but a 10 minute video was real overkill and Costner loses my vote on that account even with a violin in the band. He really didn’t do anything extraordinary with the song.

    However Shatner added his unique twist to the song. Captain Kirk gets my vote.

    Tossing It Out

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Lee, True Costner didn’t do anything special, but he was the only other actor I found beside Shatner. My choices were limited, but I thought it would be fun nonetheless to pit them against each other and I’m surprised to see how the voting is going. Thanks for letting me know what you thought.

  • Stephen T. McCarthy

    Ha! Oh, WILLIAM SHITNER all the way. The stuffs he recorded was so “awfully entertaining”. I’ve heard one or two other things like this that he did and they all make me Guffaw-Out-Loud!

    And by the way, “Mr. Tambourine Man” is the first (and maybe only) song I think of when I consider song lyrics as poetry. Songs lyrics really aren’t poetry – they merely rhyme and are occasionally “poetic” – but “Mr. Tambourine Man” really IS pure poetry. (Not the way William recites it though.) You can actually read the words printed on a page and see that they are elevated above the standard of even very good song lyrics.

    I don’t think I can say that about any other song, not even other songs by Bob Dylan that I like better’n ‘Tambourine Man’.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Stephen, I had not thought of the lyrics being poetic until listening to Shatner in dramatic form and I’m so surprised with how folks are voting. I thought for sure everyone would veer to Costner thinking Shatner was just a big joke, but most seem to enjoy the over-the-top humorous approach he did on the cover. Thanks for voting. I got Shatner down for one more!

  • Birgit

    Oh my-you know I actually knew Shatner’s version! OK Kevin Costner can’t sing all that well and it made me cringe whereas William Shatner’s version also made me cringe but also laugh out loud. I especially love the images used-hahahaaaa. I have to give it to Shatner’s over the top and I pray he did mean it as a joke.

  • Shady Del Knight

    Hi, dear Cathy! I’m happy to see you again and glad you are able to participate in this round of the BOTB. Thanks for reporting the results of your last competition. You can usually count on Shady’s vote to go against the grain and prevent a shut-out. 🙂

    It’s an interesting idea to have two actors performing in your latest band battle. Coincidentally, a few days ago I watched the Kevin Costner movie 3 Days To Kill. (Me likey Amber Heard Depp.) I enjoyed Costner’s roadhouse rendition of “Mr Tambourine Man” fronting the band Modern West. As I started listening to William Shatner’s cheesy, schmaltzy, over the top interpretation, I threw up in my mouth a little. However, like the hit record “MacArthur Park” by Irish actor (and terrible singer) Richard Harris, Shatner’s ditty grew on me. It made me smile. I figure if a recording makes you smile it deserves a vote. Therefore, I proudly cast my vote for Denny Crane (Bill Shatner).

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