Rocks, trees, and sky OH MY! #WW

DSC_4421 WW

Shot from Mt. Mitchell State Park of rocks, trees, and sky…OH, MY!

It’s hump-day and normally I’d say, I’m ready to slide right into Friday, aren’t you? But, it’s not the same. Yesterday, I shared that DH joined the ranks of the unemployed. He didn’t get an extension like we hoped. *sigh* Oh well, that happen sometimes. We’ve been down this road before. It’s not fun or easy, but one we can journey as long as we’re together. That makes life bearable during difficult patches. Any who, please keep us in your prayers and I’ll let you know how things are going from time-to-time.

Okay, kittens & dawg…let’s join thousands of  #WW shutterbugs from around the globe this morning and don’t forget to keep your camera ready at all times. 😉


Have a fototastic day!

5 thoughts on “Rocks, trees, and sky OH MY! #WW

  1. Shady Del Knight

    Hi, dear Cathy! That picture at the top of your post reminds me that exactly one year ago Mrs. Shady and I were staying in Flagstaff, Arzona, and visiting the Grand Canyon as part of our cross country vacation trip to California. The views from those observation points were breathtaking!

    I am terribly sorry to learn that you and your husband are facing challenges. Rest assured that I will keep you in my prayers. God bless, dear friend Cathy!


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