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Guest blogger/author, L.G. Keltner

Good morning, kittens & dawgs! I’m hosting my first time guest blogger/author, L.G. Keltner.  I’m excited and a bit nervous at the same time. It’s wonderful to have you stop by today, Laura and share with us your newest book.

Thanks to Cathy for hosting me on your blog today! I was inspired by the post that Nick Wilford did for me when I hosted him during his blog tour, I decided to share with you today a small piece of flash fiction inspired by the cover for A Silent Soliloquy. I hope you enjoy it!


*   *   *


The white petals of the lily are showing the first signs of the bleeding. A small drop of blood gathers at the tip of one, and within moments, it falls.

Its descent to the dirt below is quick. Final.

Kali is sprawled out on the rain-slicked ground, her eyes fixed intently on this one flower. I wonder what thoughts plague her, if any. How much of the sweet little girl she once was lingers within the withered husk we see each day?

If I could stop, I might ask her questions. Perhaps I could try to peek beneath the surface, and maybe, just maybe, she could see me in return.

TIPPIE keeps walking.

*   *   *



TIPPIE was created to be a weapon. By all appearances, she’s an ordinary girl of 18, and she uses that to her advantage in her work for The Facility. What no one sees is that there’s another girl buried deep inside. She can’t speak or control the movements of the body she inhabits. As TIPPIE’s silent passenger, she can only observe. She uses the details she learns from TIPPIE’s work to reconstruct the stories of other people’s lives. It helps her feel a little more connected to the world she can only watch.

When TIPPIE’s work leads her to David, a young man with a haunted past and information that The Facility wants, TIPPIE uses her skills to earn his trust. The silent girl beneath the surface knows that TIPPIE is only going to hurt him, but she can’t help but feel for him. Those feelings only grow, but she knows all too well that TIPPIE’s work will soon come to an end.




L.G. Keltner spends most of her time trying to write while also cleaning up after her crazy but wonderful kids and hanging out with her husband. Her favorite genre of all time is science fiction, and she’s been trying to write novels since the age of six. Needless to say, those earliest attempts weren’t all that good.  Her non-writing hobbies include astronomy and playing Trivial Pursuit.  You can typically find L.G. lurking around her blog, on Twitter, or on her Facebook page.


Final Silent Soliloquy Cover
Genre: Science Fiction/Dystopian Length: 28,000 words Cover Art: Devross Release Date: July 6th, 2015


You can buy your copy from any of these online sources:

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You can also add it on Goodreads.


**Disclaimer: I did not receive anything in return for this post. This is simply an act of friendship.**

I born and raised in the Appalachian mountains of southern WV. I was a child bride when I married my high school sweetheart in 1979. We moved to Knoxville, TN to begin our life. Determined to prove nay-Sayers from our community wrong, I completed my education and went on to earn an A.S. in computer programming. From 1983-1987, I worked as a computer system’s manager. That’s a glorified title for someone who trouble shoots and maintains system back-ups. After the birth of our first child in 1988, I took early retirement. What have I been doing for the last 25+ years? I am proud to say, I am a SAHM and for most of those years I home-schooled our three children from K-12. Now, the nest is empty.


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