Rhododendron in bloom on the BPW #WW


DSC_4595 rhododendron blooms

The rhododendron was at their peak in the lower elevations of the Blue Ridge Parkway when we were there at the end of May. We had hoped to return, since this time but DH’s work schedule has not permitted us to do that.

Interestingly, I noticed last month our neighbors’ rhododendrons looked gorgeous. I didn’t think they would do well in our area, but they looked really nice. I think I want to plant some on the bank in our back yard, so I can say I’d like to wake up in the morning where the rhododendron grow



Who knew there was a song about rhododendron? Not me! And the lyrics even mention my home state, West Virginia. Isn’t that cool? The whole thought of growing rhododendron in our backyard is for the privacy these dense plants offer but it would be a glorious sight to see from my kitchen window to see their beautiful blooms each morning.

Thanks for stopping by and have a fototastic day! 😉


Have a fototastic day!



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18 thoughts on “Rhododendron in bloom on the BPW #WW

  1. Rorybore

    they are beautiful!! technically we can grow them here in Ontario — but I find they are very fragile in our climate. our wind alone and then my clay soil do not make for a good mix. too bad – it would be nice to have some in my garden.

  2. XmasDolly

    Love the pic. Fabulous and lol about the tune. Thanks for the linky … still pretty weak gotta go lay down a bit more. Later my friend and thanks for the linky!

  3. E

    I love rhodendrums 🙂 One place I used to stay had them all over the grounds, and this reminds me of there. Beautiful colours. Thanks for stopping by, and Happy WW!

  4. Danielle @ Royalegacy Reviews & More

    That is just so beautiful. I did see one wild flower blooming yesterday. The tiny tiny little yellow flowers would not be noticeable if we had not been stopped for a few minutes by road work. It must be like heaven to live somewhere that is full of green.

    On my sunset shot. My son did not use a filter. That is exactly how it looked.

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author

      Keith, in our immediate area the rhododendron have vanished, but I’m hoping still in the higher elevations of the mountains to spot them. Thanks for stopping by!


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