Gnarled tree #WW

DSC_4578 gnarled tree

I used Pixelmator to apply the Pointilize effect to my photo. In my opinion, it transformed the ordinary into something more special.

This is might be my favorite tree on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s gnarled trunk and branches are interesting. Under foggy conditions it would be so awesome to capture the twisty image of a creepy ole tree, don’t you think? I will be on the look out for such an opportunity and like I’ve told you before fog is a common occurrence on the parkway.




It’s interesting to note that the blockbuster film The Hunger Games was primarily filmed in North Carolina, a little-known fact I picked up recently when researching another well-known movie filmed in the western Appalachian mountains of The Tar Heel State. I admit I never had an interest in watching these movies until The Hunger Games: Catching Fire appeared on Netflix and half-way through I stopped so I can start with the first film (it’s not on Netflix) with DH.

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Have a fototastic day! ~image borrowed~



7 thoughts on “Gnarled tree #WW

  1. Madilyn Quinn

    Such an awesome tree. I like the effect you added onto it! I’ve found I’ve been really liking the Hunger Games movies so far. I didn’t like the last book at all, so we’ll see if they’ll make it any better.

  2. Rorybore

    I have a thing for trees. they are just amazing living things and I like to imagine all our history and secrets are stored in their rings. measures of time safely kept locked inside. Old trees like this especially, the forms twisted and gnarled as if wounded in some battle defending what’s in those rings. rather romantic and mystical, but that’s just how trees seem to me. Silent witnesses to all that has passed, and tall enough to see ahead. 🙂


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