A #fathersday tribute to my daddy #music

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! I hope all dads in Blogosphere have a special Father’s Day. I’m grateful that my daddy is still with me and for the sweet memories I have spent with him as a little girl. I dedicated this post to my daddy, as I Dance with my Father.


Luther Vandross is the author of this beautifully moving song. He wrote of his personal experiences with his dad who died when he was 7-years old from diabetes. He recorded it 2003, earning him Song of the Year and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. Although I love Vandross’ original cut, I decided to use Celine’s cover since a female voice spoke to my heart and best suited this tribute to my daddy.


 Memories of my daddy…

I remember Daddy buying me a small poke (bag) of penny candy, shooting his rifle (he shouldered the gun, I just squeezed the trigger), sharing a cold Pepsi in a glass bottle with peanuts, sitting in his lap eating orange slice jellies and cracking walnuts, raiding Daddy’s lunch pail for the bite of snack cake he left in the box, helping him skin squirrels, coal-dust lined eyes, how easily he tanned in the summer whereas I burned, teaching me to drive, calling me “Baby”, and walking me down the isle.

What do you remember most about your daddy?

It’s funny I mentioned I didn’t tan. Clearly you can see I made myself a liar with my sun kissed skin and golden hair highlights from playing outdoors.


This photo is of my daddy & me on his birthday in 1970.

This photo is of my daddy & me on his 32nd birthday in 1970. Linking with Claudia for #s-ART-urday!

Daddy isn’t perfect (who is?), but despite the indifference I felt growing up (teenage rebellion is an ugly thing) after the storm settled (didn’t happen until I had kids of my own) the things that clouded my heart evaporated with only his love shining through AND that’s all that matters to me.



Happy Father’s Day

to the best Daddy!


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4 thoughts on “A #fathersday tribute to my daddy #music

  1. Shady Del Knight

    Good morning, dear Cathy! This is a sweet tribute to your daddy. I’m sure he will appreciate this post. Surely it will trigger many happy memories for him. The first few years of my life I lived in the country and I remember my father and big brother hunting squirrels and pheasants and preparing them for dinner. My dad took me on hikes in the rural area near our home and I developed an appreciation of nature in all its forms. We moved to the suburbs when I was 5. I invite you to look at this post in which I honored my father on what would have been his 100th birthday:


    Happy Father’s Day to you and your dad, dear friend Cathy!


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