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Do you have a Facebook Page for your blog? I do, but I’m rethinking the purpose of it. I’m unclear, if there is any real benefit to me to have one. Everything I post on my blog pushes to my Facebook Page, so what you see here, you see there. The only thing of benefit is those who liked my page will get notification of my newest posts and that’s not too many right now. What do you think? Is there a need for one? If so, what other benefits are there for me?

I’m not a published author (excluding the one children’s book), I do not sell anything, and I rarely do reviews or giveaways. So, why have it?

What happens, if I did away with my Facebook Page? Do I lose it completely or can retrieve the database later? Can I keep my Facebook Page, but keep it private like you can a blog?

The name of the game is to reach more audience through social networking. I have a good Facebook friend base and it’s considerably larger than my fan page likes. But, I don’t want to inundate my friends’ feed with blog post notifications. What suggestions to you have? I appreciate any advice you care to offer. So, please chime in to let me know what you think!

I’ll leave you with this thought for today….

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  • Rorybore

    I have a FB page for my blog, as well as my own Personal FB — which to me is really just twice the work. I rarely post to either; aside from my blog posts automatically updating via Network Blogs to both the FB page and my Twitter. That just makes things easier for me in terms of “reach.” And that’s really the only benefit I can see — is just the numbers you may want to reach. If you are not active in terms of asking questions and posting additional posts to your Page, then at the very least your latest blog post will be seen by your Followers. And I know that some people prefer to have their FB page as their sorta “blogroll” reader. At the blog convention I attended, the speaker said that offering your followers multiple formats to follow you was a good thing.
    Honestly though – I’d love it if we all could agree that via email is the simplest and easiest way to do that. Just one less social media door to check every day, ya know?

  • Liz A.

    I never saw the point of a Facebook page for my blog. I have a Facebook page for my business. I figure my blog readers find my blog through one of the readers. Or they can subscribe via email. I do post my blog posts to FB, but through Networked Blogs and to my personal page.

    But you have to do what’s right for you. What is the purpose of your FB page? Figure that out, and then you’ll know whether or not you need to keep it.

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Yeah, I’m with you Liz. I have Networked Blogs, too. I need to double check to see if my blog auto-posts to it. I just sorta feel like I’m saturating the net with duplicate posts. Maybe that’s the whole point of cross posting to various social network platforms to grab the attention of new people who otherwise may not see it. *sigh* Oh well…I am not about to do anything with my FB fan page until I feel moved to do so. Thanks for giving me your thoughts on this matter.

  • dcrelief

    Cathy – I don’t post any of my blogs to Facebook. I’m unfamiliar with their policies. Bloglovin, I have no control over – they post without anyone’s permission. Sorry I cannot help you.

  • Cody-Cat Chat (@CatChatCaren)

    My opinion? Keep it. Don’t get rid of it. I cross-post too, but I try and keep my animal posts to a minimum on my “personal” page. I try to share other animal peeps posts on my fan pages (I have two fan pages, one for Dakota’s blog and one for Cody’s)…I do NOT have a great fan base on either of them, nor do I have time to update them as frequently as I should.

    I think they are important because not everyone who is on Facebook reads my blog regularly (yep, it is a sad truth lol), and not everyone who reads the blog is on Facebook. I just think it is important to have a social media presence in the “bigger” places if you have a blog.

    Trust me I do NOT update them as often as many. I think some people sit there on Facebook all day and I sure don’t have time for that and I am sure that you don’t either! Nor do I WANT to do that if I DID have time!

    After all of that mumbo jumbo above? I say keep your fan page on Facebook too.

  • Noah Weiss

    I also cross-post all of my blog posts on Facebook and Twitter, but do not have a separate page for the blog.

    I think that oversaturation is not a good idea, especially if your likes on your blog’s Facebook page are also your Facebook friends. In that case, you are getting zero extra reach.

    You ask “Do I loose it completely?” Is it on a chain, or did your “o” key stick? 😉

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