When Irish Eyes Are Smiling #BoTB

With the blood of emeralds and in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s turn our attention to this famous Irish song written by two Americans.


Did Porky Pig and friends make your eyes smile this morning?

American born in Buffalo, New York but devoted to the Emerald Isle, Chauncey Olcott and George Graff set When Irish Eyes Are Smiling to the music of Ernest Ball in 1912 for The Isle O’Dreams production in which Olcott sang the song and since that time recorded on more than 200 albums and singles.

I admit I love the Irish flavor of a more traditional thinking renditions of  The Irish Tenors or John McDermott. How about you? However, the song was written by two Americans who loved Ireland. So, I wanted two singers who didn’t sound Irish just to shake things up and maybe to mess with you head a little.

Keeping that in mind, today’s battle includes none of the artists I mentioned to this point in the showdown. Please, don’t hate me!

Normally, I pair same-sex vocals. That’s not gonna be the case today. It’s female against male. Who will win? Well, Kittens & Dawgs, it’s totally up to you!  Let the battle begin….


I give you Connie Francis…


and Roger Whittaker…

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Okay, visit STMcCP to get the 411 on how Battle of the Bands works, but those who know what to do then it’s time to play along with the other members!

I’ll have the results next week this time, so I invite you to check back to see if your pick gets named the winner. Have a bandtastic day!




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19 thoughts on “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling #BoTB

  1. Stephen T. McCarthy

    CATHY ~
    I still has no Internet service and I can’t really play the songs because I’m in a public library and they’d kick me out. But thanks to my immense musical knowledge (and a little help from a good friend) I’m able to cast a vote anyway…

    Give my vote to: ROGER WHITTAKER.

    If I manage to get Internet service prior to the 21st, I will return and correct my vote (should I determine I got it wrong the first time… which is highly unlikely).

    Excuse the “copy & paste” job but at least I ain’t totally AWOL in this installment of BOTB. I should be back at 100% before too long.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  2. XmasDolly

    Sorry due to Italian heritage I have to go with Connie Francis. Besides no one sings this song like Bing Crosby! Happy St. Patty’s Day my friend! HUGS

  3. Robin

    I voted using your nifty voting tool, but I wanted to take a moment and say that some of us purposely pair male vs female. Seems like Arlee and FAE both went on a bender of that nature for a while (and it led to good things!). I think the richness of Roger’s voice just stole this song away from Connie. Her voice is lovely, but I don’t think this is her song.

  4. Colette S

    It is hard to choose!
    And I forgot it was Irish celebration going on!
    Thanks for sharing Cathy!
    I appreciate the information with the songs!
    Yes , have a blessed week Cathy! *HUGS*

  5. Far Away Eyes

    Great minds and all that jazz!

    Connie has a very sweet voice and does a nice job here, but somehow this sounded better with the male interpretation. Please don’t ask me to explain what I mean by that, it’s just how it struck me.

    Give my vote to Roger.

  6. Naila Moon

    You did not have an option for Porky Pig. LOL
    Seriously, I chose Roger. Connie’s version makes my ears bleed.

  7. Susan Scott

    The Connie Francis video was not available, but I’m choosing her nevertheless. Whittaker has a wonderful voice but his reputation (unearthed last year in terms of his predilection for young girls) turns me off him sad to say …

  8. dcrelief

    I love Connie Francis on a lot of songs. In this one she sounds bluesy. I want smiles.
    Roger, on the other hand, sings so deeply sweet, I find myself smiling from the first note.
    Of course, that harmonica beckons me to follow. I think I will 🙂
    Charming tribute for the day, Cathy. I enjoyed this battle! Thank you.

    My vote goes to Roger Whitaker.

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author

      Top o’ the mornin’ to you, Dixie! Both versions are nice and I have yet to decide who I like the best. I may be slightly leaning toward Whitaker, too. I’m just undecided. Oh well, thanks for voting!

  9. Birgit

    OK bummer-I can’t watch Connie Francis’s version. I am listening to another song of hers to get the idea but I know it is not the same. Now , I did still vote and you can disqualify me because I can’t listen to her version but Roger Whittaker put a smile on my face and a tear because my mom loved him. My mom has dementia and knows who I am and all that but she is not the lady I remember so I couldn’t help but vote and it is biased

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author

      Birgit, it doesn’t matter why you picked your favorite artist. I think it’s sweet that Whittaker made you smile because this is your mom’s favorite singer. Dementia patients can be difficult to deal with. My grandma had it and mom told me grandma’s personality changed. I guess it’s the confusion they feel. I reckon it has to be kinda scary for them. Oh well, I do appreciate you sharing with us why you liked Whittaker. Your vote stands! 😀

  10. Naila Moon

    I cannot believe we chose to do the same song for BOB. Not to mention, I did not even know it was a BOB day! Great minds!

  11. Arlee Bird

    Clever Battle–I’d forgotten about the Irish thing this week. Smart move on your behalf. However, I did go out and buy a corned beef brisket this week so I could have the traditional dinner on Tuesday. I didn’t totally forget.

    Both versions are sweet. Connie’s version sounds like it could have come out of a scene from a movie with the accordion and all–I can see it in my mind.

    But I’ve got to hand my vote to Roger as I thought he came across more bold and convincing with enough of a twinkle in his eyes that make me think of shamrocks and leprechauns. And the harmonica was a very nice touch. I also preferred the orchestration in Roger’s version. So I guess he had everything going for him in this recording.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author

      Oh that’s cute,

      shamrocks and leprechauns

      ! Now, I’m gonna have to go back to listen to his version again to see if these things are conjured in my mind, too. lol Thanks for voting!


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