Tennessee declares state of emergency

Monday night Tennessee declared a state of emergency. This morning, we woke to find that Octavia left a mess in its wake ~ stranded travelers on interstates, down power lines, frigid temperatures, and deadly ice streets.


image borrowed from WBIR

Several thousand residents in the area do not have electricity, including DD#2 and her husband and other than a couple of hiccups in power interruption last night, we still have electricity.

Needless to say, this means an unplanned day off for DH due Mother Nature’s madness and an unscheduled blogging break for me.  Our street is a nightmare! Hopefully, I’ll be back to my regular routine tomorrow. Other than that, everything is peachy here in the Tennessee Valley.


image borrowed from WBIR

This kitten is staying indoors. Sorry, no photo ops here. I decided I don’t need any broken bones just to capture a few interesting shots. What’s happening in your area?

2 thoughts on “Tennessee declares state of emergency

  1. dcrelief

    Sorry you’ve got such problems going on. Here, we have ice, no snow – I’m stranded but glad to have power on. Expecting snow later and colder as week progresses. I’ll keep you in my thoughts, Cathy.


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