Sunday Sillies

#SundaySillies: Just for laughs video #humor and #BOTB results

Good morning, kittens & dawgs let’s enjoy the weekend with a bit giggles with  X-ray vision, Oh my!


You thought I forgot, didn’t you? Well, I didn’t for all y’all #BOTB enthusiast. First up thanks for voting and second the survey worked beautifully for tally the count producing the results of the I’m Into Something Good show-down. I thought about voting, but honestly, it wouldn’t matter one way or the other.

Marianne Faithful… 3 votes

The Bird and The Bee… 7 votes

The winner is The Bird and The Bee!

That’s all for now, folks. If you have giggles to share, then we’d love to see ‘em! Until next time, keep smiling and a have laughtastic week!

Do you like music? If so, then join me tomorrow on the dance floor for Monday’s Music Moves Me!

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    • Cathy Kennedy

      Oddly, I had not heard of Marianne before this battle and although I’m not super familiar with The Bird and The Bee, I have heard some of their music in the past. I thought both covers were good, but I may have been a bit drawn to Marianne’s version slightly more.

      • Arlee Bird

        Back in the 60’s Marianne Faithful and Mick Jagger were a hot number. She was also mixed up with a number of other rock stars and others. She had a pretty big hit with her cover of “As Tears Go By”. If you haven’t heard that version check it out for a real comparison shock of what she sounded like then as compared to now.
        Here’s a link to it:

        Goes to show what a life of hard living with sex, drugs, smoking, and the crazy life can do.

        Arlee Bird
        A to Z Challenge Co-host
        Tossing It Out

        • Cathy Kennedy

          I’ve heard this song before, but didn’t know it was her until now. WOW! You’re right hard living (bad lifestyle) is detrimental to a person in many ways. You think a young person would look at others who have gone down that road and say, “Hey, I don’t want any part of that lifestyle!” Instead, they seem drawn to it. Go figure, right? Oh well…I surely appreciated you sharing the link. I enjoyed hearing that song again.

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