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#Music Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Series Part IV @XmasDolly #GunsNRoses


Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! February is the month of love, and we typically think romance with Cupid sporting hearts to pierce with his arrow. But, heart breaks are also found in February and we all know nothing hurts like a romantic break up, but a band breakup?! Well…that’s a double heart breaker ~ for the group and their fans. This morning, I’m continuing to share hits of a one the most devastating band breakups of all times in my addition of Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Series with…

Guns N’ Roses

left to right: Izzy Stradlin – rhythm guitarist, Duff McKagan – bassist, Axi Rose – vocalist, Steven Adler – drummer, & Slash – lead guitarist Hopefully, I identified the band members properly. Feel free to correct me. ~image borrowed~

This iconic hard rock band formed in Los Angeles during the dance and pop metal era of the 80s. Accredited for the revival in pop mainstream rock music during the late 80s and early 90s earned them the nickname The World’s Most Dangerous Band with their “hedonistic rebelliousness” resemblances to the Rolling Stones’ early years.

It amazing GNR music spanned three decades where drugs and huge egos were bound to collide. Despite these ginormous flaws, the band threw out tremendous hits that we all love but in the end, substance abuse and delusions of power between certain band members became their undoing.

Click the play all button to hear all 13-tracks to GNR greatest hit 2004 album!

Although, I don’t consider myself a heavy metal fan I do like a few of their hits ~ Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O’ Mine, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, and November Rain.  What’s your favorite Guns N’ Roses song?

The results for the last round of #BOTB featuring I Honestly Love You was a total run away. I didn’t even cast my vote. Had I did, it would have gone for the winner….Jerry Butler! He took all counts 9 of 9 votes!!!

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