I’m Into Something Good #BOTB

Hello, kittens & dawgs! Holy cow, it’s a brand new month! That adorable little rodent, Punxatony Phil, will make his annual forecast tomorrow. For his sake, I hope he does NOT see his shadow. Regardless of what Phil has to say, I will make the best of the gloomy days of winter with the happiness that music gives.

Inspiration for today came from this past Monday’s music feature of Herman’s Hermits.  I wish Peter Noone stopped by for a dance, but he didn’t. *sigh* Anyway, during the height of the British invasion, Herman’s Hermits made Gerry Goffin and Carole King’s song I’m Into Something Good famous. What I found interesting is it was originally recorded by Earl Jean Cookies’ member in 1964. Slap my face and call me Sally. I thought Herman’s Hermit did the original. What a surprise!

Naturally, I grew up listening to Herman’s Hermits cover, so it’s automatically out of the running for the band showdown. After all, part of the fun is to see if someone else does as good as or better than the original (or popular) artist. So, I decided to see who else did this song.

I found only a handful of artists did I’m Into Something Good and only two artists who did it in recent years. It’s Marianne Faithful against The Bird and The Bees in today’s BOTB. Who will win? Only you can decide. So, listen and vote!

In 2002 Marianne Faithful did the cover for her album Kissin Time


The Bird and The Bee released their cover in 2010, as a single and later included in the soundtrack for the motion picture Valentine’s Day.

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Hopefully, my little survey form will work beautifully with making it easier for me to get the results. You can still tell us why you like your chosen artist the best in comments and if not the survey doesn’t work properly, then add your vote in comments like usual. One more option, I want to offer is this, If you think there is no clear winner for whatever reason, then say so and let me know what you think about including this an option in my next showdown. Sometimes this is the way I feel when I listen to a cover and wish afterward that I declared no contest/winner.

Okay, visit STMcCP to get the 411 on how Battle of the Bands works, but those who know what to do then it’s time to play along with the other members!

I’ll have the results next week this time, so I invite you to check back to see if your pick gets named the winner. Thanks so much. Until we meet again, have bandtastic day!

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12 thoughts on “I’m Into Something Good #BOTB

  1. Robin

    I really liked The Bird and The Bee. I voted for them using your poll system and I hope it went through. If not, chalk one for The Bird and The Bee.

  2. Stephen T. McCarthy

    CATHY ~
    Hopefully my vote went through. If not, here it comes again…

    I’ve heard of “the birds and the bees” but I’d never before heard of “The Bird And The Bee”, but I liked their happy version a lot. I enjoyed the whistling in the middle which only added to the happy feeling of it.

    I think I can confidently say that I even like their version better than the original by Herman’s Hermits.

    Good Battle!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author

      WOW, now that wasn’t expected not only a vote for B&B, but you like their cover better than Herman’s Hermits. Amazing! Thanks for voting. I’ll double check all votes in comments verse the survey to make sure it matches before going live with the results, but as of yesterday it appears to work beautifully.

  3. dolorah

    Earl Jean’s voice and the music made me think it would be better with an entire chorus singing this. Wasn’t exciting. I really like Bird and Bee though. It was fun and snappy, really made me feel they were into something good 🙂

    B&B gets my vote.

  4. Arlee Bird

    I like the poll method. I’m going to have to check into doing it that way.

    I hate to vote against a group called The Bird and The Bee> It’s like voting against a relative. Their version is a little pop sweet for me, but it’s not bad and enjoyable to listen to.

    But the Marianne Faithfull version has a much mellower sound to it. Like others said it has a dreamy quality. The motor boat sound in the middle was strange, but maybe part of the dream.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author

      Lee, I’m happy to hear you like the poll survey. I was a bit apprehensive to try it out for fear it wouldn’t work right, but it seems its serving me well. My hope is this makes tallying the votes only a click away and it appears that’s all it takes, too. Yippee, I’m a happy camper! Thanks for stopping by & voting!

  5. Far Away Eyes

    I really thought I would like Marianne’s version better, but not so. It seemed like of dull to me. I don’t remember her voice being so deep. Anyway…the B & B version was cute. Not quite Herman’s Hermits, but fun and happy. So they got my vote.

  6. Birgit

    I loved the sweetness of the Bird and the Bee. It had a different take on the song and I enjoyed it more than the first one. Marianne Faithful was OK but I started to drift as the song kept going

  7. dcrelief

    Earl Jean – nice recording – amazed to learn this!
    Marianne Faithful – such a dreaminess to her version. Love the background musicians.
    The Bird and The Bee version is really simple and sweet. I’m guessing that’s ‘Bird’ with the whistling. B&B might actually take this due to the ‘upbeat’ pace… but I’m hooked on Marianne Faithful’s version.

    My vote is for Marianne Faithful… and now I want to hear the rest of the album. Terrific battle, Cathy!


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