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tired+Of+snow+imageGood-afternoon,  kittens and dawg! Geez, Louise a second snow day in one week! Why can’t Mother Nature bring the white stuff at a time when we all really, really want to see it…. like Christmas?!

We got more snow with this system, then we did Monday night. I roughly guess we got 6″-7″ of accumulation. It’s really beautiful and it’s a gorgeous winter wonderland outside, but everyone in our neighborhood is kinda trapped. The city keeps the main arteries clear and the secondary streets are left at the mercy of Mother Nature. Yeah, like she’s gonna help! Well…not today!

DH will go out in short order to shovel the fluff…okay it’s not fluffy! This storm dumped the wet, good-for-packing snow on us this go around. DH is in for a better than usual driveway workout.

The forecast shows promises of warmer temps starting Saturday and carrying into next week. If this pans out then maybe the worst of winter has passed. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

5 thoughts on “A show of hands #life #snowday

  1. dcrelief

    Hi Cathy – you too? Got 5 inches last night… yeah – wet, packed stuff. I live on a steep hill, so I get to watch cars slip and slide… and kids sledding. One nut on a bicycle went into the ditch. Of course he didn’t think about the snow being so deep there. The kids pulled him and his bike out with a rope. Later they were out there roasting marshmallows, next door… middle of the street.
    Okay, enough of my rant… enjoyed your’s. See you Sunday. (smile).

  2. McGuffy Ann

    Bill is headed for Knoxville and should make it today. From there, he is headed west to Texas. We got more snow last night, with more coming this weekend. What a wild Winter. Stay safe.


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