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Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! I’m a bit sluggish getting up my daily posts this week. It’s hard to come off a long holiday weekend. I’m also trying to not stress over scheduling in advanced like I did last year. That’s probably a big part of me loosing track of what I want to do with my blog.

Yesterday, I hinted I would share with you a few pictures from our Saturday outing to the charming community of Brevard, NC.

BrevardNC DSC_4293 bc-1
I couldn’t resist another taste of Christmas. The city still has a large tree in front of the courthouse decorated. Look how the flags stand at attention? It was breezy on Saturday. Thankfully, it wasn’t a nippy wild wind. In fact, we enjoyed lovely temps in the 50s. Not all wintry, huh?


Standing at the corner I captured the above picture and this one. I couldn’t get in the right spot to get the shot I wanted due to traffic and large SUVs parked along the street, but the sign reads O.P. Taylor’s. Isn’t that a cool name for a toy store?
If you walk pass O.P. Taylor’s, you’ll see this picturesque storefront of an old-fashion Soda Shop.

A day out wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t get donuts. In Brevard, we attempted to find donuts but came up empty-handed. Instead, we got a few baked goods at a Bracken Mountain Bakery (BMB) next door to this cute little soda shop. I’d like to say the pastries were worth the time and money, but sadly they were not. The scones were too dry and not sweet enough to suit my taste. The Maple Walnut sticky bun was bland (nothing on the inside like traditional rolled type pastries ) and not sweet enough. The only good thing about the sticky bun was the maple walnut topping and it needed twice the amount. The best thing was the orange glazed cinnamon bun. I give it only an average rating. DH hated the raisins inside the folds and I thought the orange and cinnamon combination was a bit confusing to my brain. After a few nibbles, we were through with them. I was okay with that. I mean, neither of us needed the extra calories anyhow. That all being said, we’re glad we tried BMB. It was a fun experience nonetheless and we can now cross this place off our list.

From N-64 & 276, we turned west onto Pisgah Hwy (route 276) on our way back home which goes through the Pisgah National Forest. About 4-miles up, we came upon Looking Glass Falls which is conveniently beside the road. Last summer we were in the area and it was too busy to find a spot to pull off, but this time we were able to get off the road safety and photograph the falls.

Do you see the snow & ice in the shadow of the falls on the left?

There is a trail just to the left of the image that takes you closer to the falls, but with the wind, we decided to stay at the higher vantage point to avoid water spray. It wasn’t warm enough to enjoy getting wet.

The day was amazingly spent in the beauty of the mountains. We even saw traces of snow as we ascended the mountain in shade. This served to remind us that it’s still winter despite the warmth of our day.


iPhone capture on I-40W 30-minutes outside of Knoxville.
iPhone capture on I-40W 30-minutes outside of Knoxville.

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  • XmasDolly

    Love, love, love the waterfall picture… all the pictures are really nice to look back on, and say I remember when… don’t you just love that? Quality time is the best ever! HUGS

    • Cathy Kennedy

      It’s a quaint town, Patrick and you would like it. But, there isn’t a lot there…wait, I stand corrected there is these prestigious Brevard Music School. Our local news did a feature on it a few years back. I wish I could remember more about it. I see this turning into a potential blog post. Anywho, the mountains aren’t far away and that’s another photo op.

  • Rorybore

    reminds me so much of my small town with that old tyme street view. Love exploring places like this. too bad about the pastries – nothing like a bad pastry day. boo.

    What a gorgeous view at the waterfall though. I’ve decided this minus 30 weather is just not good for photography. The scenes are beautiful, but the air hurts my face and hands and I really think my camera hates the cold. ha
    Gorgeous sunset!! LOVE

  • Abrianna

    It does look like a pretty place to visit. You’ll have to go back to the falls when it is not windy and cool but before tourists get there so you can get closer.

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