Jesus is the reason for the season #Christmas #music

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It’s Christmas time, kittens & dawgs! For the entire month of December  XmasDolly, and her elves ~ JAmericanSpice, Stacy Uncorked, Everyday Life, & little ole me are having a jingling good time spreading the cheer with non-stop Christmas music.

First up, the results for last week’s #BOTB installment. I know you’re waiting with baited breath to learn, if your favorite pick won the show down. The question was which not-so-familiar (Honestly, I had not heard of them before last week) artists Sanam or Tessera did you like the best singing, Mary, Did You Know?

Sanam  9

Tessera 2

SANAM wins!

As you know, I decided to go with a theme within a theme this month.  I’ve covered Bethlehem, the Angels, Mary, and now it’s all about Jesus!



 Come and Worship!


Long, long ago on a cold and dark starry

Silent Night


the baby Jesus was laid

Away in a Manger



A personal note: I love these new lyrics over Leonard Cohen’s original! This needs to be recorded, if it hasn’t been already. I don’t know who this guy is, do you?


While adoring your Christmas tree, think of the tree that Jesus was placed on later that made it possible for us to receive His gift to us ~ eternal life.  Have yourself a very Merry little Christmas & a Happy New Year! 😉


What Christmas music is moving you?




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8 thoughts on “Jesus is the reason for the season #Christmas #music

  1. Leovi

    Wonderful songs, especially Bebo Norman. Thank you very much, I wish you a Merry Christmas full of health, peace and love. Wonderful design heart!


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