Sunday Sillies: Dieting & Exercise #humor

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! If you’re a long-time follower, then you know I’m a perpetual dieter and an avid exerciser. This doesn’t mean I’m a lean, mean fighting machine, but I do take eating right and fitness seriously and I do my best to keep in shape. My motto: One life; one body make the most of it!

However, I am a real person with short comings and the only way to see an end to these self inflected body flaws due to motherhood is cosmetic surgery. Basically, I have two options. They are: I can fret over my imperfections or laugh at them. Hmm, I chose to laugh.  Having the last laugh on me (maybe you, too), let’s take a light approach to diet & exercise.




 I found this video floating on Facebook Friday. Warning: This might offend some, but I found it totally obnoxiously funny. Let’s just say, I would hate to be the butt end (pun intended) of this gag.


Keep smiling and a have laughtastic week!

image borrowed: credit

image borrowed: credit

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