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#WW: Cumberland Falls & an American Indian Flutist

Good-morning, my lovelies! It’s hump-day already and we’re almost at the half-way mark of this brand new month. The last of the summer days are really melting away. Thank you for making me apart of your day. I want to take you to Cumberland Falls State Resort Park.

iPhone 5s image capture

Years ago, we were fortunate to see the Moonbow. That’s been like forever and a day ago in my memory. I want to find another opportunity to see it, but the conditions have to be perfect and that’s kind of hard to plan with Cumberland Falls almost 2-hours north of Knoxville.

Two Saturdays ago, we took a day trip to Corbin, Kentucky to see the waterfall known as the Niagara of the South. Our last visit was in the late 90s when our children were quite young.

Cumberland Falls in KY
Cumberland Falls

Although, disappointment met my eye to see muddy water tumbling over the fall, it didn’t stop me from photographing my subject. After all, that’s one reason I wanted to visit. I definitely want to go back this fall to capture the colors of autumn surrounding the falls and hopefully clear waters next time.

iPhone5s image capture

While there the alluring haunting tones of an American Indian flute drifted through the air to my ear. I wondered where the music was coming from while I looked around. I thought, did the park have an outdoor sound system to broadcast music from the gift shop? There among the trees on a rock sat this guy….

DSC_3691I had no idea who this man was or even if I would find him on the net, but I decided to ask my pal, Google. I entered these keywords: Cumberland falls+native American flute. I got a few hits. The two top hits were YouTube videos. I clicked on both. Luckily the second video featured the very person I was looking for. Allow me to introduce to you, Robert Mullinax

Video courtesy of The Crypto Crew

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