WW: A Faerie house, hydragea blue, and B&W church

My first digital camera was a Canon Powershot SD8800. The crisp, clarity of each photo captured with this small point n’ shoot amazes me, not to mention the vivid colors the processor produces. I haven’t used it since getting my big girl camera, but while going through my archives I thought these were too interesting to pass up.


Somewhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway, this upturned mushroom caught my fancy. I imagined a faerie living beneath its canopy but didn’t see evidence to support my suspicions. Maybe, she is shy and ran away to hide. What do you think?




My mother-in-law (may she RIP) had the most beautiful hydrangea plants. I snapped this in July 2011 using the macro setting on the camera. I loved how the elements played together in this one shot ~ lovely flower, an insect, & rain drops made this image special.

IMG_1104 chimney

Old churches are fascinating is in Rutledge, Tennessee on Main Street. I do not remember if there was a historical marker or not. Regardless of its history, the old stained windows and steeple won me over. The sky was a stunningly rich blue with gorgeous fluffy clouds when I snapped this photo. To bring out the cemetery’s eerie, mysterious feel, I converted it to B&W.

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19 thoughts on “WW: A Faerie house, hydragea blue, and B&W church

  1. Sue

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    Thanks, and I hope to see you there!


  2. wandapsycho

    Mushrooms are magical, and no, I’m not talking about the kind that take people tripping away on a journey to the center of their mind. I mean that whenever I see a circle of mushrooms, a little of my cynicism gets pushed aside and I find myself believing in fairies again.
    There were a few times many years ago when I indulged in that other kind of mushroom. It might explain a few things! 😉
    Thanks for visiting KHEL 666.

  3. Rorybore

    That is just what I would imagine a little fairy house to look like!! So cool. My girls won’t let me trample the ones that grow in our yard – just in case! LOL
    Love the hydrangea’s! gorgeous gorgeous. Cannot wait for my own to bloom — but they are not half as beautiful as this one.
    Wonder shots today!


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