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WW: A sweet little spot

Memorial weekend, we drove to Asheville, North Carolina to take in a scenic drive. Our destination, Mt. Mitchell State Park.

Linking Mt Mitchell featured photo with Skywatch Friday. (Nikon D7000 with attached 18-105mm Nikkor lens)
a yellow daylily linking with i heart macro (Nikon D7000 with Nikkor micro 105mm lens)

We leisurely took in the view, snapping pictures. After a few hours on the parkway, we drove to Asheville to knock around. The sweltering temperatures put us in the mood for us ice cream. Thanks to Google Maps on our iPhone, we found this sweet little spot….

Nikon D7000 with attached Nikkor 18-105mm zoom lens

All I can say is, the reviews on this independent ice cream shop didn’t lie, read here. After one strawberry milkshake and 3-scoops of ice cream (strawberry, black raspberry, & coconut) sold us! We returned to the counter to buy more. This time getting a slice of key lime pie ice cream and 3-scoops (chocolate, butter pecan, cappuccino crunch).  Don’t say I haven’t told you we are ice cream hounds. We love the stuff! A word of caution… this is a place where it’s best to leaving counting calories at the door. The high quality, dense creamy goodness of Cintoms frozen custards hands down blows away popular mix-in ice cream shops. In my opinion, there simply is no contest. Cintoms takes the gold!

I’ll leave you with this lovely scene I found while we enjoyed our ice cream…

Nikon D7000 with attached Nikkor 18-105mm zoom lens

Unofficially, it’s summertime. That being said, do you like making frequent visits to your favorite ice cream shop? Is it locally owned or franchised

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  • Birgit

    Ice Cream is supposed to be decadent and great tasting and what wonderful pictures you took and such a beautiful scene to enjoy your ice cream

    • Cathy Kennedy

      There is nothing like a delicious, decadent taking ice cream. I can eat ice cream every day, if I allowed myself. The only thing that stops me is the nightmare of becoming the Pillsbury Doughgirl. lol

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Sherry, it was a great place. Last weekend, we were in Asheville again. We didn’t go to Cintom’s, but we did try a couple of other new ice cream places. Cintom’s have both places beaten, in my opinion.

    • Cathy Kennedy

      No worries,McGuffy Ann! I am taking a break in Blogosphere this month, but am leisurely visiting others. I appreciate your kind words about my photos & I look forward to seeing what images you’re catching. Have an awesome day!

  • Rorybore

    what a beautiful spot to stop and enjoy some sweetness!
    I so want some ice cream right now. but it’s almost midnight, so I guess tomorrow! It’s nice to have something to look forward to. LOL
    My moments are not so perfect this week, but I still think just as sweet. 🙂

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Although flawed sometime life’s imperfections can be rewarding in other ways. You just have to look for it and I see that you have kept your mind open to just that. Thanks for visiting, Les!

  • XmasDolly

    Hey wait for me, I loves me some ice cream… extra scoop for me! hehehe Oh wait, no hold that extra I’m tryin’ to lose a few pounds here! LOL Love the scenery pic girlfriend! ENJOY! HUGZZZZ

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Ice cream certainly doesn’t help your diet when you’re trying to lose the weight. I need to scale things back so I can drop a few pounds, too. The temptation can be awfully powerful, though. 😀

  • Lisa M

    sounds yummy and the photos are beautiful. I adore coconut ice cream. We have a smallish chain – I think it’s a TX, OK and maybe KS thing – that is our current favorite spot. Their mocha cappuccino crunch is pretty delightful. And their banana milk shakes. And their strawberry malts. yum

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Mmmm, mocha cappuccino crunch sounds like a flavor I’d want to try for sure. I like coffee flavored ice cream with chocolate swirls. If you can get Blue Bell ice cream, then you may want to try Mocha Almond Fudge. Oh boy that’s good stuff!

  • Claudia

    That ice creme place sounds heavenly. We also have our local parlor and a second one for after one of our weekend bike rides. Love ’em…
    Lovely pictures!

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