Birthday wishes in song

Good-morning, my lovelies! Someone very special to me is having a birthday this week. This morning, I dedicate my song picks to DD#1 ~ Sweet Child O’ Mine!

Attention! Attention! I’d like to make a public announcement! It’s on it’s way! Next week, we’ll be hosting our fabulous 200th Week Celebration and this is your private invitation to not only boogie with us, but enter for a chance to win one of these cool prizes ~ a $10 iTunes GC, a $25 Gift Card to Task Rabbit, and a $15 GC for some popcorn at the movies (FANDANGO). We also have DVD’S, Disney Posters, and my personal favorite ~ a copy of West Side Story: 50th Anniversary Edition Box Set on Blu-ray (1961). Be sure to join this year’s giveaway jamboree!

Are you ready to boogie? Lace up your blue suede shoes because it’s time to hit the dance floor!


In honor of my little Angel,  I am sharing hit tunes from Top 100 Songs of 1988.

There is never a day or moment that passes that you aren’t Always On My Mind.

My hope & prayer for you is that you have…Everything Your Heart Desires!


All because…I want nothing, but the best for you and I’ll Always Love You.

Thanks for joining us for another week Monday’s Music Moves Me! On behalf of the lovely Dancing Queen,  Marie @XmasDolly  and her Solid Gold dancers ~ Callie @JAmericanSpice, Stacy @Stacy Uncorked, Naila Moon @Just the stuff ya know & myself , I want to invite you to step on the dance floor with the 4M crew.

Let’s give a round of applauds (and a visit would be nice, too) to this week’s Spotlight Dancer listed at #1 and remember to link your 4M URL below to join in on the fun!

(Oops, no linky to join? My bad! I forgot to include the code this morning, but you can over to XmasDolly to link up.)


This month, I am taking a break, but have scheduled posts and will return visits. That being said, I plan to use this time at my leisure. This gal needs a little R&R for a full recharge! Next stop… your place!  What music moves you?


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13 thoughts on “Birthday wishes in song

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author

      Actually you were not late. I was early with my dedication to my daughter. Her birthday was this past Saturday. It’s hard to believe she’s 26 now. Where did the years go?

  1. Rorybore

    that guitar intro tho on Sweet Child of Mine…… never gets old.
    brilliant tunes this week…..and Happy Birthday to the special someone.

  2. adaftscotslass

    Guns ‘n Roses AND Aerosmith in the one post? What more could I want from my Monday?

    Have a kick ass week!

  3. Haupi Justice

    Happy Birthday to your special one. All your songs picks this week were all new to me even though I’ve head of Gun & Roses and of course Areosmith, I don’t really listen to their music. But that’s why I like this blog hop – I come here to learn and be educated, hahaha. Ops, but I do know Taylor Dane and remember that song.

    Thanks for puttin’ on your blue suede shoes and rockin’ out with us all. It was a lot of fun. Thanks and have a great week!

  4. XmasDolly

    Look at this! What am I going to do with you!?! What happen to that hiatus you wanted to take? I always include you in our e-mails just in case and this is the reason. Love ya girl and you are an Angel for sure. Great tunes! Hugszzz prayin’ for you and yours that the Lord eases your way!


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