Women in music 60s – 80s

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This week’s theme is Women in Music 60s thru 80s. Are you ready to boogie? Lace up your blue suede shoes, it’s time to dance to the tunes getting your groove on!

The 60s era gave us one of the greatest British female soul voices with Dusty Springfield. Here’s her 1963 hit song, I Only Want To Be With You!


In the 70s Fleetwood Mac’s lead female vocalist wrote this song becoming the groups only #1 hit in the US and is still a popular song.


The 80s gave us the voice of this lingerie attired sensation of Madonna.



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13 thoughts on “Women in music 60s – 80s

  1. Rorybore

    I like the spectrum you did! All are faves of mine, but especially Stevie. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac was one of the first albums (actual vinyl) that I ever owned.
    And of course Madonna covers so much of my youth. But I still gravitate towards the older stuff.

  2. XmasDolly

    Whoa girl you’re really rockin the house aren’t ya, and of course great minds think alike with STevie Nicks. She is so my girl! Love all her stuff! I’m outta breath now thanks for the dance! ~snicker-snicker~

  3. Haupi Justice

    Dusty Springfield and Stevie Nicks were the big favorite this blog hop and I see you’re here representin’ both of them too. Great picks, thanks. You really got me moving this Monday!

  4. createwithjoy

    Love your musical picks – Stevie Nicks is also one of my faves!
    Have a wonderful, inspiring week! 🙂

  5. McGuffy Ann

    I saw Fleetwood Mac in concert in 1977, right after “Dreams” came out. I had just graduated. I was a big fan…well, I still am. They are touring again, and just talked Christine McVie into re-joining them. Fun post!


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