Friday Sillies: #Mother #humor

In honor of that special woman in each of our lives…

Personally, speaking I made my mom’s life happy…sometimes and miserable…often times. The old saying, you reap what you sow is true? If you’re a mother, then you certainly will appreciate these giggles on Friday Sillies!

Be warned, don’t live in denial any longer.


follows you everywhere!

A huge accomplishment with a family of five, and a reason to celebrate even if it’s short-lived…




For those of who feel or felt like this…



Moms embracing technology to communicate with their children in clever and hilarious ways.


New method to teach one’s young survival skills in modern times.




I love you is always preceded by a request for money.




If mom only knew!

No matter how much I drove my mom crazy, this is exactly how I see her…


Thanks for every thing you did for me and more, Mom! I love you! And… no, I don’t need $50. lol

Finishing things up today, here’s my response to Hilary’s Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun statements.

  1.  Did you know that bananas are not grown on a tree? Well, I didn’t until my bloggy friend, Hootin’ Anni’s Chronicles explained why they don’t grow on a tree.
  2.  I feel like I could have slept a lot longer this morning, if that darn alarm clock didn’t go off.
  3. I get nearly all my rubber-stamps at They have a nice selection with reasonable prices.
  4. 24 is my favorite all-time TV series. I am so glad to see Jack Bauer back!

Keep smiling and a have laughtastic weekend!


PS: if you’re looking for my Skywatch Friday contribution, I rolled it into my Wordless Wednesday post.

4 thoughts on “Friday Sillies: #Mother #humor

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author

      Oh, THANK YOU, Amanada for this wonderful, heartfelt YouTube link! I simply love it and isn’t it the absolute truth? I wish I had known about this sooner, so I could share it with my readers. It brought a tear to my eye, really! Again, thanks!!

  1. sandy

    Loved the supermom cap! Road tripping through a-z, had planned to continue blogging a-z in May anyway, so the road trip fits right in.


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