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Boone, NC access to the Blue Ridge Parkway

On Saturday our road trip adventure led us to Boone, North Carolina. On our way, we stopped at Daylight Donuts in Johnson City. You don’t think we can take a trip without donuts, do you? Yeah, I know what kind of photographer am I to not have photos of our sinfully delicious finger foods? Perhaps next time I will remember to do it for you. Follow me, as I glance over my photos and briefly highlight my memories of my visit on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

image captured with iPhone5s

Before we got on the BRPW, we picked up sandwiches from Pepper’s restaurant in Boone.  We each got half of two sandwiches: The Pepper’s Sub and The New Yorker that came with dill pickles and each had a side, one with pub chips and the other potato salad to go.  This is the first time in years that we have done this. If you’re in the Boone area looking for lunch, then I recommend this place.

We enjoyed our car-side picnic with this beautiful view.

Scenic overlook south of Boone on the Parkway

Just before I took this picture, I noticed a young couple standing in the same spot. The guy was on one knee and guessing by their body language I believe he proposed to the girl. Let’s just say I think she said yes. I wish I was camera ready for that one!

My eyes fell immediately on the sharp peaks of the mountain range in the same spot, as I zoomed my lens in and panning my camera to the right for this shot.
Same shot, as above, except I, zoomed my lens out to open the view.
Also from this same overlook, I captured Grandfather Mountain. We have yet to actually visit Grandfather Mountain, but I hope we will one day soon.
A view of Price Lake

The nearby campground at Price Lake closed to traffic, we parked our car and got our to stretch our legs.

Getting close-up with some tiny blue flowers on our walk. What I need is a macro lens. This will be my next camera accessory purchase! 😉
Caught in the act ~ a Woodpecker vandalizing a tree in a National Park. How do you give a woodpecker a fine? I’m sure he’d get out of it finding a loophole in his case. lol
A gnarled old tree at Laurel Knob Overlook
My final shot for the day and I failed to get the overlook name, but I liked how the mountains looked.

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