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Another day to rise to the challenge of cranking out another A-Z Challenge post. Not that it is a colossal deal or anything, but this week I am out of sync with my routine and am unable to get a handle on writing my posts in advance. At least I don’t work for a syndicated magazine where time is of the essence. That being said, let me make hast in moving along with this morning’s assigned alphabet prompt.  H


Over the weekend, we had the privilege of venturing to Cades Cove (photo share forthcoming) for the day. That’s not to the point of today’s post, but we got the chance to see the Ramsey House Plantation.

Ramsey House Plantation IMG_2889
Ramsey House Plantation captured with iPhone5s

Unfortunately, we got there too late to tour the home. Built in 1797 by Knoxville’s first architect, Thomas Hope, for Colonel Francis Ramsey and his first wife, Peggy.  Constructed from Tennessee pink marble and blue limestone, many considered the Ramsey House one of the finest homes in Tennessee during its time.

History records the Ramsey family was vital in establishing civic, educational, and cultural institutions in the area. An interesting fact I learned is Colonel Francis A. Ramsey was one of the founding trustees of Blount College, which is better known today as the University of Tennessee.  It’s noted two of Ramsey’s sons made important contributions to the area. Dr. J.G.M. Ramsey wrote The Annals of Tennessee, an early history of the state and William B.A. Ramsey was Knoxville’s first elected mayor, as well as the Secretary of State for Tennessee.

I wonder what Colonel Francis Ramsey would think if he heard “Go Big Orange”?

I look forward to going back to step across the threshold of this impressive old home. A sense of curiosity and wonder ignites my imagination when I visit historic sites with so many how did they do this with lots of ohs and ahs in-between. To learn more about the Ramsey House Plantation, click here.

Knoxville has several beautiful historic homes I hope to visit.  On the Ramsey House website, I found the below video and I wanted to share it with you.


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