#a2zchallenge: What does a horse say? Wordless Wednesday

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NI just past the half-way point with this month’s A-Z Challenge yesterday. Getting creative with the daily alphabet prompts is sometimes like trying to find a needle in a haystack when it comes to rolling two hops into one. Needless to say, I got this one covered!  What does a horse say?

With a neigh, neigh here,

a neigh, neigh there.

Here neigh,

there a neigh,

every where a neigh neigh…

DSC_2866DSC_2870DSC_2726DSC_2876DSC_2882I used my big girl camera (Nikon D7000) for all photographs and Fotor photo editor to apply copyright. and make minor adjustments.

The truth of the matter is not a single horse made a neigh sound. I did hear an occasional blustery exhale from those nearest me and that’s because I didn’t have a carrot to spare. Sorry, I just don’t keep loose carrots in my pockets, do you?

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McGuffys Reader

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18 thoughts on “#a2zchallenge: What does a horse say? Wordless Wednesday

  1. Rorybore

    they are gorgeous! I love horses. This takes me way way back to my grandparents farm. There were always horses grazing in the fields. And they never failed to come to the fence to say hello — even without any carrots. (which we never did because we didn’t hand feed them ever as show horses.)
    Love that the deer are just hanging out with the cool big guys. 🙂

  2. Marie Chamberlin Moody

    Such beautiful pictures my friend! It takes my breath away. I use to love to ride when I was much younger. It would probably kill me now. LOL Such beautiful animals. Thanks for sharing so so…. augh simply gorgeous!!!

  3. joanneviola

    Oh my gosh, your photos are beautiful! But then you had beautiful creatures to work with 🙂 I am so glad I was your neighbor this morning at Wordless Wed. Funny I used a free image of a horse in my post this morning. Have a great week!

  4. McGuffy Ann

    These are beautiful! I love the added touch of the song, too! When I travel with bill, it always surprises me to see deer with horses. It seems fairly common in some places down South. It seems natural, though! Thanks for the honour today! You are so nice.

  5. Andrea @ From The Sol

    Beautiful and peaceful. We live in horse country (in Illinois, of all places) and I view this scene almost every time I go on the road.and I never tire of it. Who doesn’t love a beautiful horse. As a child I rode … now I probably couldn’t get my backside into the saddle, not that I wouldn’t want to. I will go see McGuffy … she, in fact is who sent me here to you. Glad I came:)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Tina Morley

    I love all the photos, but the last one is my favorite. Horses are beautiful creatures. In the one photo it looks like there are even deer. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Little Wandering Wren

    As you know Cathy I love horses but neigh have I been away a long time, you’re already at N???
    I’ve just left NNNNNew York and am NNNNow in NNNNew England where we had a NNNNNasty shock – snow:)!!

    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author

      You’re in a part of the country where snow is still likely this time of the year. I hope you’re enjoying your visit to the USA and thanks for stopping by!


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