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Good-morning y’all! Today will be another hectic one for me with two doctor appointments. I am very excited about my GYN visit, as I will be given a new HRT. I’ll give you more details on that in a few days when I reach the letter “S” of  the A-Z Challenge.

oh my goodness

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When I was a young I use to spout out OM* all the time. That is until my dad said in a demanding tone, “Cathy, I don’t ever want to hear you take the Lord’s name in vain again!” Let’s just say, he put the fear of God in me.

Recently, I decided to strike out in rebellion. No, I’ve not gone back to saying OM*. Instead, I’m using “OMC!” Nope that’s not a typo. OMC for Oh my, Cathy!  I got to thinking about how loosely God’s name is used and I said to myself, “How would I feel, if I heard my name all the time like God hears his?”

As a Mom (I know you can fully relate to what I’m saying), I heard my name repeated at least a gazillion times throughout the day when my children were small. Sometime it was important cries of help for Mommy, but most were not.

I’m not God. I am to be honored, but I do not deserve the same reverence as the One true God – the creator of heaven and earth and all things therein.What’s the big deal with saying OM*?

The 3rd commandment says, “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain…”

Vain means empty or worthless.  Just like my own kids calling out my name without a reason and this is what society is doing every time someone exclaims, “OM*!”

We have become a people who have grown numb to the point of acceptance of the OM* phrase. This is what happens when we let our guard down, we slowly conform to others’ way of thinking, even if it’s seems insignificant as a few words.

God is holy. Casual, mindless use of OM*only relegate God to a stature of unimportance.  Think about this, if you met the president and regardless if you agree or disagree with the man, you would treat him with respect by addressing him as Mr. President, right? We should lift God up with the same respect by refraining from callously misusing His name to express our excitement or shock.

The name of God should be edified….

“I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify thy name for evermore.” ~Psalms 86:12

I will admit, I am a bit desensitized to the regular usage of OM*. Not to say, I don’t notice because I do. In fact, I can almost predict its eruption from other person’s mouth. It would be nice if folks thought the same, as I do on this matter. All it requires is a new mindset of treating the name of God with more care.

It’s interesting, as I write this I remembered a funny expression my DD#2′s ex-boyfriend. He would say, “Oh my cheese and rice!”  He isn’t using the Lord’s name in vain, but sounds like it. If the brain processes it as such, then it’s just like saying it.

*This is primarily a re-print from a 2-year old post with a few changes.*



1. How do you feel about the over-use of OMG?

2. Were you taught to not use the Lord’s name in vain?

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