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Wordless Wednesday: Revisiting stay-cation 2013

Last fall, DH & I enjoyed a little stay-cation from mid to late October. I got to use my big girl camera (Nikon D7000) a bit while we zipped here and there.  Unfortunately, I was not able to share all my photos with you.

Today, I will take you to a few spots outside Knoxville’s city limits to the town of Farragut, TN. Let me encourage you, if you have time to snoop through my November 2013 archives for more pictures from our stay-cation.

A still calm beside the water, washing your cares away…
Fort Loudon Lake Farragut, TN
This is in west Knoxville

However, staring at the water too long made me dizzy. I don’t think I would do well on a boat. In the original shot above, the water appeared lopsided. This is particular disturbing when shooting bodies of water to the eye in the aftermath. Your mind screams, “the water is spilling over the side!”

Luckily, I can counter attack my screw-ups with a simple straightening process in Fotor. I’m trying to train my eye to be more discerning to see this kind of flaw before releasing the shutter button, but honestly it doesn’t come natural to me.

We were quite blessed to enjoy many beautiful days during our period of relaxation. DH was always so patient to stop anywhere I wanted, even beside the road just so I could snap this shot. The rolled hay in the field brought out the wannabe artist out in me, so I used Fotor to apply “old wall’ effect giving it a painting-like appeal.

Exploring side roads, spotting rolled hay in a field

As I said,  it was beautiful and quite sunny. Do you remember me mentioning I’m on a learning curve with my DSLR? I was more so then, than now, but anyhow I could not tell the below image was drastically underexposed until I looked at it on the computer. The picture was too dark.

Turning in a church parking lot next to an old red barn
against a rich blue late summer sky

Thankfully, I was able to off-set the damage by adjusting the exposure through Fotor. The photo is still darker than I would like, but I love this barn. I am so happy for modern technology, aren’t you?

Taking time out from our schedules, even if it is staying around town or going to the mountains for the day that kind of break is every bit as relaxing, as a vacation far, far away. The only difference is, we didn’t have to shell out a lot of bucks to have fun. Happy WW!!

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