The soft, haunting voice of Julee Cruise


This is week 185 of Monday’s Music Moves Me. We’re rockin’ “freebie-style” today. Whatever tunes are getting your groove on, then we want to hear them right here!

We just finished watching a short-lived TV series on Netflix that originally aired on broadcast TV from the early 90s. Today, I am spotlighting songs by Julee Cruise.  I won’t tell you which TV show just yet, which featured her lovely, soft, and haunting voice on. Do you know?

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We aren’t music snobs. If you have tunes to share, then you’re cool coz all we want to do is dance. Now, it’s time to link up and shake your bootie with all the fellow rockin’ bloggin’ buds below!

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Have you figured out which TV series this female artist’s voice was featured on?

No doubt, you figured out with this last video that I am talking about Twin Peaks. Unfortunately, there were only two seasons of this show, and the last episode left many question marks. The writers did not have an opportunity to give the audience closure on what became of the characters when ABC placed it on an indefinite hiatus leading to the shows cancellation.

Did you have a good time on the dance floor? I did. Next stop… your place!  What music moves you?

Be sure to come back next week to dance with the 4M crew, and if you can’t get enough music, then join me for Saturday Song-suasion!

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9 thoughts on “The soft, haunting voice of Julee Cruise

  1. Danielle Royalegacy

    She does have a beautiful voice. I sorta remember that TV series. It was before we moved and had no TV – not by choice, but we can’t receive any signals here. Jason Isaacs is such a cool actor. He made playing bag wonderful.

  2. stevebethere

    I quite enjoyed those her voice and singing style reminds me of someone else who I can’t think of her name arrrghh!

    Have a tanfabulouse week 🙂

  3. Pam Williams

    yes she has a soft almost mystical voice.. But so easy to listen to. Found myself hanging on tho the music and lyric as nothing else was happening.

  4. Haupi Justice

    Wow, those were some visuals in Julie Cruise’s videos…and with her soft voice – it does make for a haunting sound. I liked her. Thanks for sharing her music here for us all. Happy Monday and I hope you have a fantastic week!

  5. XmasDolly

    I loved the Peter Pan tune/video! Too cute. Julie’s voice has a bit of a haunting to it doesn’t it? I never watched Twin Peaks so guess that’s why I didn’t guess it. Neat songs though. Thanks for sharing sweet pea! YOU SO ROCK! 🙂 Nice steppin’ out with ya! Boogie on!!!


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