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Thursday Thoughts: Ka-bump! Gulf moisture meets bitter cold temps

This morning,  I woke to a killer headache. It came on during the wee hours of Wednesday morning and hasn’t eased up. Other than my headache, what’s on my mind this Thursday?

Everyone along the eastern seaboard felt Mother Nature’s wrath on Tuesday. Our forecast was calling for a 30% chance of flurries. That doesn’t hold a lot of promise for things getting bad in the Tennessee Valley but our meteorologist failed us.

Tuesday morning flurries took a surprising turn for the worse. The Gulf moisture went ka-bump with the bitter cold temperatures, freezing roadways and dumping roughly 6″ on us by the time things wound down late Tuesday night.

Travel during the day on Tuesday was treacherous for motorists, but most drove like they were oblivious to possible accidents that awaited. DH met tricky patches on his journey home that fooled him at times. He reported coming across wet areas on the road and then he would hit a stretch of ice. The main highways didn’t seem to be treated like past forecast storm systems dictated. Of course, roads leading to residential communities were a mess. DH took the best path home with fewest hills as possible, but occasionally the car slid. Driving under these circumstances  takes knowing when to gun or back off the pedal to maneuver a hill. It is really nerve wrecking. I was happy when DH walked through the front door.

DD#2 wasn’t so fortunate. On her way to work, she hit some ice and wound up in a ditch. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt and was able to walk the short distance to her job. At the time of her accident, AAA told her that they couldn’t get her vehicle out because they couldn’t anchor their truck on the slick surface. Relieved from work sometime during the evening, she got her car pulled out of the ditch and was able to drive it home. The car appeared okay, but she may have a mechanic to look it over. Needless to say, Knoxville had many wrecks reported around the city and this means ker-ching, ker-ching for local tow truck services.

  1. Where you affected any by Tuesday’s storm? If so, how much snow did you receive and what was your Wednesday morning low? Wednesday morning, DH got up to check on the conditions our thermometer read 1°. The weatherman was calling for 9°. How is that they missed this?
  2. What did you do on Tuesday/Wednesday – worked or stayed home? Tuesday wasn’t as much of an issue for us as it was Wednesday. When DH got up to check on the road conditions at 8am, our street was completely covered over. With all the hills leading out of our neighborhood to the main road it wasn’t worth taking a chance to venture out in that mess. So, he stayed home with me. We slept in till 10am, which was really nice.

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  • Jenny

    We have had really nice weather out here in AZ… Knoxville definitely got hit hard and I am glad to hear every one is okay!

    Who knew there was a situation where AAA couldn’t help right away… (((winkwink)))

    Thanks for linking to the letter “K”.


  • Judie

    Cathy, we didn’t have ice or snow but it was wicked cold here in coastal Georgia. Violet, the stalker cat, wouldn’t even venture outside to catch the moles that reside in our side yard.

    We finally got some warmth today, and tomorrow should be even warmer. I hate being cooped up in the house!!

  • Self Sagacity

    I have heard about the snow storms and luckily for us, we have decent weather. Like in the 60’s.
    I wouldn’t know what to do in 9 degrees- stay indoor, bundle up all day? Hope you have a great weekend.
    As for your linky…I might have a proposal/ thought.

  • Rory Bore

    I was wondering this week, as I was driving down the road into a mini blizzard — do you guys have Snow tires? Obviously that is what (most) Canadians switch to every winter – which is how we can drive in such conditions – but it never occurred to me that most in the USA might now have such a thing.

    Even still, my good friend spun out this morning and ended up in the ditch, so even growing up driving in such conditions, you just never know when a slippery patch is going to send you spinning!
    Glad both your DH and DD was okay!

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Ahhh, no thank you! I’m good where I am. You know me, I’m a delicate southern flower and when the weather turns harsh then I’m gonna whine just a wee bit. lol

      Actually, I know how blessed we are to be living where we are and even when it’s nasty here I know it doesn’t compare to what many others face. Thanks for visiting today!

  • (◔‿◔)

    Get well soon for your headache.
    Lucky in the accident.
    Hopefully the snow will soon be gone. We also snow.
    Greetings, Wieczora (◔‿◔) | Mein Fotoblog

  • Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

    No snow here in TX!! Our local temps have been anywhere from the 20s to the 60s the last few weeks! We had our ice storms and horrible traffic tie-ups around the end of the year! Glad things turned out well for your family — driving on icy roads is very scary!

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