Thursday Two Questions

Thursday Thoughts: A tip to fix your search box gadget & Good job well done

Every since I migrated my old blog content to this one, I have had problems with the Blogger search box. I just couldn’t get my blog to find what I wanted. I didn’t feel the pressing need to resolve this issue since I could at the very least go to my old blog to find a particular post. But, then I began having problems pulling up content on it, too. That’s when I decided to ask my pal Google for help.

Google never fails to pull me out of a tight jam. The tip I found most useful was Bloggers search box gadget not working (link broken). I applied the suggested trick HTML coding and like magic, my problem went poof like a puff a smoke.

My blogger pal, Hootin’ Anni’s Chronicles, had (note past tense) problems with displaying embedded Blogger comments with IE properly. She found a solution that fixed it and shared the news in a recent post. If you’re experiencing the same trouble, then click here to learn more.

Also… regardless,  if you’re having this problem or not then it may be a good idea to make this simple change. I wasn’t having problems displaying embedded comments, but Anni pointed out that mine wasn’t showing up right in IE, so per her suggestion, I made the necessary change to navbar so that my embedded blog comments will appear properly for my friends who do use IE.

Another issue I am experiencing is search-ability of my blog on Google. I think I need to use Google’s Webmaster Tools to my blog for indexing. I will need to tinker with this to see if I can make Curious as a Cathy visible to the world. Feel free to offer help on this one.

This brings me to my T2Q, which are:

Does my blog work properly in your browser? If not, let me know.

What new fix-it tips have you learned about your blog that you think may be valuable to others to know? Please share, we wanna know!


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Hootin’ Anni’s Chronicles deserves an A++ for a Good job well done! Thanks, my friend for the valuable blogger tip! Now… follow me, as I visit a few of my lovelies this Thursday!

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