Computer humor

I was recently reminded of this when DD#2 shared this video with her daddy (DH). This has been around several years, but it still makes me laugh.

This video prompted today’s humor spin off for more computer funnies on Friday Sillies.



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3 thoughts on “Computer humor

  1. Rory Bore

    3 inch floppy!! BWWAAAHH!! Not many of us likely remember those. I think I actually have one still kicking around my desk drawer somewhere.
    As usual Maxine is wise. Computers, although handy at times clearly…. such a source of frustration for those of us who actually have never taken any kind of course. all self taught. I never had one in my home growing up, or in university. It wasn’t until my first job and I had to learn Fast!


    Oh my gosh….3 1/2 inch floppy….I fell on the floor on that one!! Too funny. Gotta share that with Bud of course…he won’t like it, but I will LOVE his expression. roflmao

    And the error message with the Highway Patrol cracked me up. Oh ya, and not to forget how humans install software.

    You made my day!!!

    1. Curious as a Cathy

      I’m glad to spark a little laughter in your morning. If your weather is anything like ours and bet it’s worse then those chuckles may help to warm you a bit. It’s a chilly 17° here in the Tennessee Valley. Brrr, that’s too cold for me and the outlook is worse on Monday morning. I’m not liking this winter so far.


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