Mid to late 70s rockin’ down the house on 4M

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A few weeks back Vandy J was our spotlight dancer. For her theme choice this week, she wants to know What songs did you listen to in high school? I don’t know about you guys, although that’s been a lot of years ago for me I still find myself boogieing to those same tunes today. Let’s rock the house down to some mid to late 70s sounds!

My freshman year 1976-1977 of high school, I was more than likely dancing to Paul McCartney and Grand Funk Railroad.



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During my sophomore year from 1977-1978, I might have listened to songs by Andy Gibb and Lionel Richie.



As my sophomore year gave way to my junior year 1978-1979, these tunes were popular hits by ARS and the Queen of Disco.



Winding things up in 1979-1980 for my senior year, I can’t forget these fab hits by two outstanding female artists.




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8 thoughts on “Mid to late 70s rockin’ down the house on 4M

  1. Hazel Ceej

    Young Paul McCartney! Guess I will also (still) listen and boogie to the same tunes in my high school years, late 80s, but I love Lionel Richie and the Bee Gees. Until now.


  2. Colette S

    Ahh yes I remember listening to most of these!
    The other kids would be so upset that I’m listening to ‘oldies’ 🙂
    They’d be bent. Esp that it was MY radio!

    Thanks for sharing Cathy.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Rory Bore

    They may have been technically before my time – but I love them all! Especially hearing a Gibb brother. love their stuff. I remember all these songs because my mom had albums of this music, so I grew up hearing it.
    And Blondie — she’s the best. Love her – any time, any age. legend.

  4. stevebethere

    Brilliant retro classics there had me bouncing and backflipping around the room

    Ok just a little hip movement but I can exaggerate now and again

    Have a tanfastic week 😉


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