Monday's Music Moves Me

I Can’t Drive 55 with Janis Joplin, Wilson Pickett, & Commander Cody in the backseat!

Turn down y’alls radios. I have a special announcement….

Our lovely fireball, XmasDolly, can’t join us on the speedway today due to recent…I’m talking about VERY recent back surgery.  Let’s circle Marie to cheer her on to a swift recovery (please visit & leave her get-well wishes) and hon…if you’re sitting at your computer this morning, I  hope these tunes reeve your engine (spirit) up.

The 4M pit crew will miss Stacy Uncorked this month. She had to put the brakes on blogging because she’s up to her eye balls with a major road trip (move) to the Pacific northwest. She promises to return in September, though.  However, filling in for Stacy, is the brilliant Just the stuff ya know. Thanks Naila! Of course,  JAmericanSpice, myself, and this month’s cool honorary backseat driver (co-host), Becca @ Everyday Life are gunning for a chance to race (dance) with you.

I don’t wanna see any slackers out there this morning. Shift your car down and get ready to peel some rubber on…. Monday’s Music Moves Me!

There’s definitely a pattern to my choose words, wouldn’t you say? You probably figured this relates to today’s theme and you’re right. Kim from This Belle Rocks suggested we boost things up with “tunes about cars“.  Whatever gets your motor running this morning, then we want to hear it!







To qualify for the 4M race, grab the checkered flag (button code) here and wave it on your blog, then put up your favorite YouTube music videos featuring today’s theme “tunes about cars“. 

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready? Start your engines. GO!

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Next stop… your place!  What music is moving you?


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