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I am trying to get organized…


Will you help me? A year ago, I listed several book collections for sale. This is what’s left. If you want to make a young person happy, then why not consider helping me de-clutter my home by adding these kindly used books to someone’s bookshelf.

ADVENTURE OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONS (Volumes 1-4) by Susan Olasky for girls ages 8-12 Price: $8.00 + S/H USPS priority mail (US)

Annie Henry finds it difficult sometimes to be the daughter of the famous patriot Patrick Henry, but she learns how to cope with the attention, as she finds ways with God’s help to make her mark during the revolutionary war era.

for girls ages 9 – 12 Price: $18.00 + S/H USPS priority mail (US)

Hildy Corrigan is the fiction hero in this series of adventure books written around the Great Depression era starting out in the Ozarks and leading the girl across the country to California.


for girls ages 9 up Price: $12.00 + S/H USPS priority mail (US)
For the Nancy Drew enthusiast, you may enjoy super sleuth Juli Scott. In these compelling mysteries aimed for girls 9 to 15 chockful of nail-biting adventures with a clear underlying Christian message for girls to learn from. While Juli and her savvy friends sort out clues, they find love, excitement, and discover it pays to have a good sense of humor.
SARAH’S JOURNEY (5-book set) by Wanda Luttrell
for girls ages 10 up Price: $10.00 + S/H USPS priority mail (US)
Sarah Moore and her family uproot from their Virginia home to tame the first frontier – Kentucky at the time of the Revolutinary war. This series will leave the reader captive long after bedtime flipping from page to page possibly connecting with Sarah on the value of having faith in God.

The Young Underground Series by Robert Elmer for boys & girls grade 3 up Price $16.00 + S/H USPS priority mail (US)

Here’s what Mr. Elmer has to say about this series:

In my first series, the “Young Underground,” each book is based on a real historical event or character. They’re set in World War II-Denmark. It was a natural, because my family is Danish; both my parents grew up during that time. I would look into history books for exciting things that happened, then ask them questions to find out how it really happened. A Danish man—I used to clean his yard and he was a friend of my parents—would tell me stories about being in the Danish Underground movement, and one of the stories he told me inspired book number three, Into the Flames. My uncle was in the Underground, too, although I never met him. I hope you’ll enjoy reading these adventures as much as I enjoyed writing them. -Robert

Condition: Very Good. Price: $35 + S/H USPS priority mail (US)


Last year, I retired as a homeschool mom. That being said, I began eliminating curriculum no longer needed. If you’ve ever considered buying a foreign software language, then you know how expensive it is. This is where you can benefit, as I’m offering this curriculum up at an excellent price to for you!

What’s in box:

  • The Interactive Software
  • Parent’s Guide
  • Supplemental Material (CD)
  • Audio Companion: CDs for practice on the go
  • Headset with microphone for speech recognition
  • User’s Guide


One more thing…actually its three more things. I have these board games up for grabs that I’m gonna bundle at an amazing price $15 + S/H USPS priority mail (US).

Condition: Good


Condition: Good



Condition: Good

I will consider selling outside the US. Of course, shipping is more expense. However, feel free to inquiry, if you’re interested. Money exchange for purchase done through PayPal. This will on a first-come, first-served bases, email me, to place on a hold on the item(s) you wish to buy.

Stacy Uncorked is embarking a huge move across the country next month and is taking a break with September slated for her return to Blogosphere. I wish you the best in all that you must do Stacy and a safe trip to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. You’ll be missed!

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