Zebras Aren’t The Only Thing With Stripes


Zebras have stripes to confuse their color blind predators such as the lion. Looking at this photo, I get a little confused, too.

Zebras aren’t the only thing with stripes.

There’s striped snakes, jelly fish, cats, tropical fish, chipmunks, skunks, tigers, butterflies, and sharks.

When I was a kid, I liked chewing on zebra…zebra gum that is…


Do you remember this?
Why stripes abound everywhere we go on things all around us such as….
paper bags, pillows, pixie sticks, furniture, clothes, socks, fingernail art, beach towels, and doggie sweaters. I bet you have a few stripe possessions, if told.
That being said, my favorite of all kinds of stripes can be found on the American flag!
Stripes are not exclusive to Zebras as you see, they belong on anything and everything, even to the home of the free!
1. Thinking about stripes in your wardrobe, do you avoid wearing horizontal stripes in shirts and dresses?
2. Do you think vertical stripes make a person appear taller than they are?

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19 thoughts on “Zebras Aren’t The Only Thing With Stripes

  1. Jenny

    Fruit Stripe gum!

    Oh, how I remember chewing that!

    Horizontal stripes.


    Vertical stripes…always.

    Or black.


    This was a cute link for the letter Z.

    Thanks for sharing it.

    Happy Post-Thanksgiving Monday.

    Love your background!


  2. Icy BC

    1. Thinking about stripes in my wardrobe, I don’t avoid wearing horizontal stripes in shirts and I don’t wear dresses that often!

    2. Definitely, vertical stripes make a person appear taller than they are!

  3. Jim

    Hi Cathy ~~ Most of my shirts with stripes have them going up and down. I have the ‘family pooch’ in my middle and round and round stripes accentuate that.

    Yes, I think they make one forget how short a short person really is with up and down stripes. Heels (high) make girls look taller, so tall that they scare me.

    I would have used Zebra if I could have found one to snap a picture of. I think I have never taken a picture of either a live or a toy zebra.

    Did you know they pronounce Zebra as Zebrah in the U.K?

  4. Colette S

    Very nice post Cathy.

    I don’t ever remember wearing stripes. I would stay as far away from stripes as possible. I’ll leave that up to the zebras and etch animals 🙂

    However those tights look nice!

    Have a nice weekend Cathy!

  5. Lady In Read

    i do think vertical stripes make one look taller/thinner.. though i do wear horizontal stripes sometimes – i have a couple of shirts that i love..
    Cathy – thanks for visiting my blog and following me as well.. i am following you now as well. better late than never to meet new friends!

  6. ⊱↫PreciousKD↬⊰

    1. I love horizontal stripes in shirts but not dresses!

    2. Yes, I think vertical stripes make a person appear taller than they are, especially me 🙂

  7. Self Sagacity

    Previous comment was missing words…LOL
    1) I like verticle stripes for shirts, and have a couple of them. I have mostly solid color, but again, they are not quite stripes.
    2) I do think that the verticle stripes make a person look thinner, but I am not so sure about looking taller.
    Have a wonderful weekend Cathy!

  8. Judy SheldonWalker

    I have some vertically striped shirts and pin stripped pants. I prefer vertical stripes even though I am 5’9″.

    Loved your striped examples. Animals wear stripes so nicely. My tabby is yellow and amber striped, his mom is calico and brown, gray, black and white striped. They are beautiful. 🙂

  9. Poetic Shutterbug

    1. When I was heavier, I avoided wearing horizontal stripes but since I’ve lost much weight, I do wear them now and I like the look.

    2. It seems that people wearing vertical stripes do look taller but it just may be our perception.

  10. Rebecca Jo

    I actually do try to avoid horizonital stripes because of the ‘width’ it adds, but I actually do have 2 shirts that are striped like that & everytime I wear them, I get compliments. So maybe its in my mind 🙂


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