Friday Sillies # 53 – Simon the Cat, Daffy on Idiots, & Dog Tease Video

Borrowed from FB friend’s wall. Thanks Rosie!

Come on folks, the weekend is here! It’s time to relax and unwind. Kick back and enjoy a few laughs on me or on you or on some by else. Luckily today’s pokes aren’t targeting any one person. I got some good material to share with you. I hope you die (not really) laughing at these!

Last week, I discovered this hilarious video at, here.


Thanks for sharing!

Borrowed from a FB friends wall.  Thanks Billie Gibson for sharing!

The next video DH got from a friend through email. It’s hilarious! So, you know I had to share it with you…


Have a good weekend and keep smiling!



4 thoughts on “Friday Sillies # 53 – Simon the Cat, Daffy on Idiots, & Dog Tease Video

  1. Shakira Choong

    OMG…I love the video and the IDIOTITIS is HILARIOUS and so TRUE!!! Great to share LAUGHTER with you, Cathy. I linked you up already. Take your time to drop by. I know I seemed to be a day late. All I can say is LIFE is way too busy as of now I am preparing for both my legs’ a lot to prep for. You have a great SUNDAY, an AWESOME week and a TRULY BLESS AND SUPERB THANKSGIVING!!!
    hugs with much love,


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