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Friday I was all in alarm about Blogger not working with IE. Alarmed doesn’t cut it. I was upset. So upset, I went as far to create a WordPress blog. I did not like the idea Google was trying to force their browser on Blogger bloggers. Chrome has had known security issues. This is why we never tried it. Security is a big, big deal with us, and we aren’t about to give anything a try if we feel this could be a problem.

Remember, I’m paranoid. Hey, I’d rather be paranoid than sorry later when I learn of my computer’s vulnerability. I spent much of Friday afternoon getting my feet wet with WordPress. It’s really different from Blogger, but having some knowledge of how things work helped. It’s too early to form an opinion on the pros and cons of WordPress vs Blogger.

I’m not ready to jump ship completely from Blogger to WordPress, but I do have a new blog (not visible at this time) waiting in the wings should I decide I’m fed up with all of these changes Blogger and Google keep pulling out.

The good news is, IE is working with Blogger for now. This may all change tomorrow, next week, or months from now. As long as I can use Blogger with Firefox then I’m good. From the comments left about my issues on Friday, I was actually surprised most of you already use Firefox. The one thing I noticed is how IE and Firefox performs, is the way they handle Blogger’s new upgrade. Firefox doesn’t lag or pause as often while creating your post like IE.

Browsers are really crazy things. Well, the browsers aren’t. It’s the designers. They keep implementing too many updates and most businesses can’t keep up with the changes. They are less equipped to deal with this than we are. Case in point, our bank’s system now has hiccups. Most features work well, but then there are some services I can’t access through IE and I have to use Firefox to get around these problems. It’s really frustrating.

Okay, the frustrations I can deal with most of the time. What I think about is someone who is less computer savvy, you know, someone like my parents. It will only make their computer experience a bother, NOT a convenience. Program developers need to put on their thinking caps before unsettling people’s lives nerves. Our bank still hasn’t gotten their system upgraded for all services online to work with IE. This has been a problem for several months already. I just wonder, how long it will take them to get on board with IE’s upgrades? I guess it doesn’t matter because as soon as they do, then there will be more updates to throw their system into the stone age.

Your opinion…Frankly, I don’t know if this will go anywhere or not. I finally…talk about procrastination…got my PR Friendly page set up. This is where I need your opinion. Would you mind reading it over to see what your thoughts are? I appreciate all suggestions given!

The next step…I presume now that I’m a PR Friendly blog is to find sponsors. If I’m honest, and well…you know I always want, to be honest with you, my readers, then I’m a bit nervous and excited at the same time here. I consider myself up for this new challenge, though and am raring to go.

One thing I’m trying to figure out is button and banner ads. If you have the advertise here button on your blog, can you tell me how you did this? I have placed one on, but it’s really just a picture from the web I loaded into that slot. I’m sure there is a better way to do this. Any simple tutorials would be a plus about now if you’d like to share them.

By the way,  have you noticed some of the layout changes I’ve made to my blog? I’m just trying to find the right look. Do you think the font is too small? Input, I need input! Tell me what you think, ‘k?

Does this commercial annoy anyone other than me?


The husband says, “Fiber makes me sad.” I’m like, dude, if you don’t have enough fiber in your diet, then you’ll be more than sad.

Speaking of fiber, do you know what your daily recommendation should be? You can get calculate yours at WebMD. My daily intake is 20 grams.  That’s a lot!

DD#2 & her husband are in the housing market. This is an excellent move for a young couple to invest their money into. I know you’re getting a place to live when you rent, but you never have anything, in the end, to say, “This is mine!”On top of that, rental property is as expensive maybe more expensive than a monthly mortgage payment. I’ve seen this be the case before in my neighborhood. It’s crazy! Hopefully, my kiddo & SIL can ride this buyers market to their benefit and satisfaction. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for them! *wink*


Saturday is DS’s prom. This will be his last prom to ever attend. Wow, I can’t believe he’s a senior! I’m having a hard time still wrapping my brain around this one. Anywho…it really sounds like this prom is going to be a fun one. The theme is Hollywood Night. The prom committee randomly picked several kids to receive a free limo ride. DS is one of those lucky few. They’ll get to ride in the limo around town for half an hour, then they’ll return to the Hotel where the prom is going to be to step out on the red carpet, like the stars with a photographer snapping pictures. 


For more random Tuesday musings or simply some fun visiting a friend over a cup of coffee, then hop with me. First up, filling in for Keely @ UnMom on Random Tuesday Thoughts is…


Next, I’m hooking up with Les for my





Today’s discussion around Les’s coffee table is: If you are to be the next great pop/rock/rap star, what song will kill it at your audition? Or, you can simply share your favorite music coz Les has a new iTunes gift card she’s dying to burn.

Given I can’t hold a tune in a bucket and I’m not even good in the shower. What’s with that? I thought everyone sounded better in the bath. Holy cow every time I open my mouth dogs on our street erupt in horrible howls or worse still my DS plugs his ears when I break out in a chorus. Do you honestly think anyone would EVER pay to hear me sing?

That being said, I’ll just pass on some new and interesting tunes I linked up yesterday Music From Around the World for the Monday’s Music Moves Me meme I co-host.

Seriously ShawnLast, but not least I am playing along with hostesses Impulsive Addict & Shawn in….

Take a few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee with your bloggy friends, as you enjoy some random reflections, considerations, or brooding. While you’re at it, join in on the fun – create your own post and link up! Have a terrific Tuesday!

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8 thoughts on “Blogger Life and Family Life – Randomness

  1. Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys

    I have been thinking about WordPress because I am tired of all the changes to blogger. But to be honest I am scared to change over right now. I don’t know enough and I know I would get myself in trouble. I like your lay out. And yes that commercial makes me sad 😀

  2. RoryBore

    font looks good — but I am may be biased since I think it’s the same one I use and Adore! ha.

    don’t know about the Advertise Here Ads….I haven’t gotten into that kind of thing yet myself. I would think you just do an image with a link to the client’s site???

    Checked out the song choices. One Direction I had heard, but I love, love that Lenka song….definitely adding it to my iPod. And Rob Loman – nice voice, will check it out too.
    Thanks for joining the chat again. will keep my fingers crossed for both of us that Firefox continues to work, since I have no desire to do the WordPress switch myself.

  3. Impulsive Addict

    Your font is great! I don’t think it’s too small either. I don’t know enough about wordpress but I’ve heard it’s quite a bit different than blogger. I HATE all the changes Blogger keeps throwing at us but I’m not ready to ditch them. I hate change. I’m weird that way.

    My daily intake is 20 grams also. =)

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. Kisma

    One Direction seems to be creeping into my house slowly. And I adore Enya!!! Great song.

    Thanks for stopping by this morning. I believe I fixed the oops which was on me, not you. So check them out and thanks for stopping by.

  5. Nadine Hightower

    I am not a fan of wordpress. It’s too complicated for me. I use Live Writer and almost never use to post. It loads photos way too slow for me.
    I like the changes you’ve made.

  6. Stacy Uncorked

    I started off on Blogger, but they were always doing stuff that annoyed me (like not being able to access my account, or not publishing scheduled posts, etc.) so I jumped ship about 6 months later and haven’t looked back. 😉

    That being said, I also haven’t used IE as a browser in forever because of all the rampant security issues (which the hubby keeps experiencing firsthand since he’s not one to change the way he does things and is constantly having to fix his computer.) I much prefer Firefox because it’s fast and efficient and I haven’t had any security issues – plus I love all the add-on options available. 🙂

    Very cool DD#2 and her hubby are in the house market – especially considering how much rent is any more. Much better to have that investment (and ownership is da bomb!) 🙂

    Your DS prom sounds like it’s going to be fun – especially since he scored a free limo ride. 😉

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