Presidents Day Birthday Bash

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I love rockin’ on Mondays!  I just love it when we can share the tunes rolling around inside our noggins, don’t you? There’s always a lot of music locked away just screaming to get out.

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This week’s theme is “Your Pick”.  In honor of President’s Day….

How would the Presidents who we honor this month celebrate their birthdays? I imagine there would be a large formal party,wouldn’t you? Let’s have our own presidential birthday celebration. Beginning with…

President Abraham Lincoln born, February 12, 1809, was fond of the opera. He particularly liked Martha, by Freierich von Flowtow, according to If Abraham Lincoln Had An iPod.

General George Washington, served as our nation’s first president. Born in the year of the Lord 1732 on February 22nd, we honor his birth.

Today the sons and daughters of the American Revolutionary and Civil War celebrate  birthdays with greater enthusiasm. Let’s kick of President’s Day with this these smash hits…




Happy Birthday to Our Founding Fathers – George Washington & Abraham Lincoln!

My DH has today off, so I’m going to spend it with him, but I’ll be visiting you tomorrow. What music is moving you this Monday?
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13 thoughts on “Presidents Day Birthday Bash

  1. Introducing Mr. Cool

    Dolly did say to be imaginative didn’t she! Well, you get the gold star. Fabulous choices and so appropriate too. Never thought of that & looks like everyone else forgot too. Great job. Thanks for helping our girl out too. She really wants to get this show on the road doesn’t she? Gotta love her & I surely love this meme! Music is the universal language and I love to hear all kinds.

  2. Hazel

    I love your selection. Mt. Rushmore Rocks is beautiful. The one on George Washington is charming. Living in America is gorgeous. Oh, I haven’t listened to Simon and Garfunkel in ages, thanks for featuring them. Bruce Springsteen rocks.

  3. Naila Moon

    Oh awesome songs and they all go perfect with your theme. I have visited Rushmore and it is an awesome site to behold. Have you ever seen the video where they sing? lol
    ~Naila Moon


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